Headquarters and Headquarter Company
June 10, 1970

Forward Area: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at LZ Liz and will continued to work with ARVN units in their Area of Operations. At 0130hrs Nighthawk is on station and reports no enemy activity in Box 69. At 0150hrs TMF at 0120hrs string 72 was activated by an unknown number of personnel with no metal detected at BS731466 engaged with 16 VT of Artillery 155mm were fired at 0143hrs. At 0245hrs Radar sighted 5 to 6 stationary personnel at BS802486 and engaged with 10 HE of Artillery 155mm. At 0728hrs M26 at grid BS728626 1 friendly platoon received a heavy amount of small arms fire from their east at 600 meters we engaged at BS734625 with small arms and 81mm with negative findings, we have 1 friendly WIA who was not dusted off. At 0800hrs Radar at grid BS735449 8 to 10 stationary personnel at 2340hrs with 1 light sighted 300 meters east and 900 metes south of this location at 25 minutes earlier. Alpha Company at 0800hrs the Engineer are in location and have began their clearing operation at grid BS761601. At 0900hrs MACV Mo Duc we have a Chieu Hoi at our location from the 83 unit, this unit is located at BS650504 now. They are not planning on moving today out of their location, but feel when they find out we have a Chieu Hoi they may move. At 0930hrs Battalion Commander Mo Duc District has had 11 Chieu Hoi in the first 10 days. 10 of the Chieu Hoi came from the area where the 1-20 Infantry has extracted the 200,000 pounds of rice. At 1035hrs 1-20 infantry we requests an Area of Operation extension from BS7048 to BS6348 to BS6353 to BS7053 and Date/Time 101200hrs to 152400hrs June 70 for the of combat operations Charlie Company and Recon Platoon will Combat Assault at 1400hrs on 10 June 1970 approved by CAP Shay. At 1740hrs Charlie Company 26 Engineer a total of 33 hours were worked in the area of BS755598, BS752596, BS754603 and BS755603 (200X 500) for a total of 25 acres cleared. We destroyed 1 60mm round, 1 French mine, a total of 400 gallons of fuel was expended, 6 pounds of C-4 used. Also we have 3 D7 are operational, 1 D7 is deadline with a track blown off and 1 D7 deadline with a hole in radiator, 1 CEV is operational and 1 is deadline with a poor oil line. At 1950hrs M26 at 1840hrs M26 made contact with an unknown size enemy force at BS757634. They received automatic weapons fire, AK47 from 600 meters to their west at BS742639.The results 2 VC KIA, 1 approximately 25 years old dressed in black and 1 approximately 30 years old and dressed in green fatigues. Negative friendly casualties and contact was broken at 1930hrs. At 2130hrs 1-20 Infantry TOC Hook requests has a PZ at BS733652 with 2 sorties and LZ at BS756634 for MACV to Mo Doc. At 2215hrs Nighthawk at 2245hrs broke station with negative findings. At 2355hrs Radar sighted at 2005hrs 1 to 5 stationary personnel at BS715431 and engaged with 14 VT of Artillery 155mm and at 2055hrs 10 to 15 stationary personnel were sighted at BS770490 and then moved north with engagement of 18 VT of Artillery 155mm. At 2130hrs 6 to were sighted moving west at BS766487 with 8 HE fired and at 2230hrs 10 to 15 stationary personnel were sighted at BS758530 and engaged with 10 HE. At 2310hrs 5 to 10 stationary personnel were sighted with negative clearance.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco.


Alpha Company
June 10, 1970

At 0615hrs Alpha Company 15 element is moving to BS735429 and multiple patrols are moving early today. At 1710hrs the 17 element is closing in to the Day Logger at BS738420. At 0800hrs Alpha Company reports Engineer are in location and have began their clearing operation, grid BS761601. At 1800hrs Alpha Company is moving to the Night Defense Position at BS748413 and 93 to their Night Defense Position at BS769600.


Bravo Company
June 10, 1970

At 1845hrs Bravo Company reports the 15-16 elements has detained 3 Vietnamese male one at BS794430, BS796430, BS798430 and the first two had ARVN ID all being sent to MACV.


Charlie Company
June 10, 1970

Charlie Company all elements have closed for a Combat Assault at 1422hrs BS745645 1st PZ and 1523hrs Last LZ at 680505. At 1653hrs Charlie Company requested an Urgent Dust Off for one US with gunshot wounds of the shoulders and chest. Element came in contact with an unknown size enemy force, stationary, at vicinity BS682502, line #70 Giardina is KHA/DOA completed 1706hrs. At 1945hrs Charlie Company the 32, 13 and 33 elements are in their Night Defense Position at BS657503. At 2035hrs Charlie Company all access road snakes are in location. Charlie Company SP4 STEFANO GIARDINA LISTED AS KHA, sent to Duc Pho GRP with Gun Shot Wound to chest.


Delta Company
June 10, 1970

Delta Company continued their Security Mission for LZ Liz. At 2017hrs Delta Company requests an Urgent Dust Off for one US who was wounded in the right ear due to the back blast of a claymore. H had cuts on the neck and check, Name PFC Perkins, completed at 2026hrs. A report of the accident by 1LT Thomas W. Krueger JR., 2nd Platoon leader follows: On the night of 10 June 70 at approximately 2000hrs. Pfc. Perkins was moving from bunker 16 to the near by urinal when a claymore detonated. Perkins was hit behind the ear by an object that apparently was thrown by the blast. About 20 minutes before the detonation, Perkins and SP4 Patterson had set out the claymores from the fighting position near the bunker. The search after the explosion revealed that evidently one of the detonating wires had not be secured in the fighting position, had been pulled down the hill when someone walked across the outstretch wires. The location of the firing device after the explosion seemed to indicate that Perkins must have stepped on the firing device causing it to detonate. The medic was able to stop the bleeding relatively quickly and Perkins was taken to the top of LZ Liz and Dust Off was called to extract him. PFC Stephen Perkins went to 23rd Medical at 2025hrs with Frag Wound right shoulder is classified as misc.


Echo Company
June 10, 1970

Echo Company headquarters and 4.2 Mortar Platoon is location on LZ Liz, where the 4.2 Platoon providing direct fire support for the Battalion. At 0600hrs 4.2 Platoon reports Fire Mission 1 for a total expended of 10 HE rounds. Echo Company Headquarters has the coordination responsibility for Base Defense. At 0700hrs Recon Platoon the Day Logger for today is BS735626, the 15 element snake will be at BS723624, the 14 snake is at BS724633 and the 15 snake will be at BS715623 and pickup tomorrow will be at BS708616. At 0820hrs Recon we are in our Day Logger at BS756622. At 2020hrs Recon Platoon the 13 snake is at BS750616, the 14 element is at BS744613 and the 15 element is at BS751619.

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