Headquarters and Headquarter Company
October 10, 1968

Forward Area: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at LZ Dottie and will continued to work with ARVN units their Area of Operations. At 0805hrs Request Aerial Scouts for Screening mission in connection with Combat Assault not available at this time. 1-20 Infantry continued to work with the Air to continue to conduct multiplies Air Strikes in Operation Logan Field. At 2020hrs 1-20 Infantry TOC reports Spooky drew some 50 caliber fire from BS733790 and are calling artillery at this time. Spooky must go off station at 2100hrs, request replacement. At 2055hrs 1-20 Infantry request a flare ship and gun ships and they where sent. At 2212hrs E Troop at BS720814 engaged 5 VC with results of 1 SKS captured.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco.


Alpha Company
October 10, 1968

Alpha Company continued to work the Area of Operations with real booby trap problems. At 1224hrs Alpha Company that at grid BS771834 hit a booby trap at BS771834 and unable to determine type of Booby Trap and Dust Off completed at 1037hrs. Results 2 KHA SP4 STEVE JOSEPH LEONE PERRY AND SGT JAMES WALTER SZCZUPAJ ARE LISTED AS KHA. At 150hrs hrs Alpha Company is located at BS771842 1 WHA (E) mine trapped by 3 Vietnamese walking in front of element. Alpha Company also reports SP4 John Thomas Gray, Richard Hutcherson and SP4 Edward A. Panther with multi-frag wounds where evac.


Bravo Company
October 10, 1968

First Cav was detached from Bravo Company to link up with E-1 Cav to form a provisional troop.

At 1430hrs Bravo Company Military Intelligence interrogated a little girl and she lead Bravo Company to some tunnels they found a radio set on 80 kilowatts also some clothing that the girl said her father and brother were VC. They had left the area went to island. Bravo Company established their Night Defense Position at BS787887.


Charlie Company
October 10, 1968

Charlie Company conducted a Combat Assault into a LZ at BS749861 and conducted a sweep to the northwest along the beach with the 2nd Platoon and 1-1 Calvary is located at BS765850. At 1100hrs Charlie Company reports their location at BS750870. At 1458hrs Charlie Company found tunnel with sleeping quarters are destroyed CIA one VCS will evac to Uptight. Charlie Company Night Defense Position is at BS783898, 68 at BS738896, 40 Night Defense Position BS735390 with 82 at BS736787.


Delta Company
October 10, 1968

At 0850hrs Delta Company at BS730825 spotted 7-8 people dressed in black running south to southwest, are calling in artillery. Recon 1-20 Infantry reported heavy contact at BS730821 with an unknown-size enemy force at 1211hrs. Delta 1-20 Infantry committed first one platoon from vicinity objective 9 and another platoon conducted a Combat Assault from LZ UPTIGHT to vicinity BS733824. After lifting the platoon from LZ UPTIGHT, the commander of Delta Company 1-20 at 1315hrs Delta Company at BS721812 received 2-4 rounds of sniper fire called Artillery swept the area and made contact with unknown number of VC results 1 WHA and 1 KHA. Called in Dust Off, ship hit and the radio was knocked out and the ship was losing fuel, the Dust Off ship went back to Chu Lai and another is taking its place from Chu Lai request Gun Ships to go in with Dust Off ship at present time. At 1430hrs to 1500hrs dropped napalm at BS728817, Alpha Troop is in area with 2 Platoon of Delta Company and Recon with 2 tracks from 1-1 Cav. We are trying to move into village now with no assessment of KIA at this time. We have a unknown number of VC pinned down between Delta Company and Recon, have artillery coming in, E Troop 1-1 Calvary APC are moving in and we need gun ships for further support. At 1455hrs 1 WHA frag in shoulder Dawall, Robertson L. minor will not be Dust Off and WHA Evart L Daugherty was Dust Off. At 1700hrs E Troop 1-1 Calvary picked a SKS rifle dropped by a running VC. The contact continued into the night at which time a flare ship was requested. While flying in support of the elements, the flare ship reported receiving round fire from BS733790. At 1850hrs Delta Company at BS725815 called for Dust Off for 1 US WHA with multiple frag wounds, serious, unknown type of mine PFC Jonathon Hawkins, Dust Off completed at 1905hrs. At 2124hrs Delta Company engaged 1 VC evading at grid BS726814, with results 1 VC KIA. Contact was broken at 2030hrs and Delta Company 1-20 was all attached elements moved into a Night Defensive Position at 2200hrs. Delta Company reports PFC. EVERETT LEROY DAUGHERTY JR AND PFC. JONATHON JEFFREY HAWKINS are listed as KHA along with Robertson L. Dawall WHA Minor.


Echo Company
October 10, 1968

Echo Company is located at LZ Dottie where Battalion Forward is and coordinates with the Battalion Rear Elements and Base Defense elements on LZ Dottie. The 4.2 Platoon is located on LZ Uptight where they continue to provide direct fire support for the (1-20 Infantry Battalion). Recon 1-20 Infantry reported heavy contact at BS730821 with an unknown-size enemy force at 1211hrs. At 1939hrs Recon Platoon reports their location at BS726889. SP5 Timothy J. Drader was attached to 27th Surgical Hospital sick at 1440hrs. SP4 Frank Saucedo was evac at 312th Evac Hospital from LZ Uptight at 1500hrs. SP4 FRANK C. VAN LOON JR IS LISTED AS KIA.

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