Headquarters and Headquarter Company
April 11, 1968

Forward Area: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at Nghia Hanh (BS616638) for OPERATION NORFOLK VICTORY. At 0800hrs Charlie Company 4-3 Infantry reports their location at BS569641. At 1213hrs 4-3 Infantry reports that Charlie Company 4-3 has returned to their control at 1203hrs.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco. Late Entry 6 Support found 1 satchel charge in motor pool area, EOD destroy it.


Alpha Company
April 11, 1968

Alpha Company continued to Sweep and Clear their Area of contact and continued to conduct Search and Destroy operations in their Area of Operation. At 0730hrs Alpha Company Dust Off is completed 3 US WHA evac with 1 US sick evac. At 1100hrs Alpha Company at BS588615 found basket with 1 flashlight, 3 US blankets and 2 VC hots, found in haystack 1 dud rocket, type fired from gun ship destroyed. At 1205hrs Alpha Company at BS594626 found 2 pair VC boots, 1 wooden mock rifle. PFC JERRY DOUGLAS CLARK is LISTED AS KHA (Died of Wounds see April 10, 1968).


Bravo Company
April 11, 1968

Delta Company 2nd Platoon conducts a Combat Assault to BS500653 return to control of Delta Company. Bravo Company continued to Search and Destroy, operations in the Valley. At 0800hrs Bravo Company at 841662 found 17 rounds 57 RR rounds, 7 60mm rounds and 1 30 pound shaped charges, 300 rounds of Bar ammo. At 1100hrs Bravo Company at BS546649 found 1 16HP diesel engine on rail and destroyed. At 1226hrs Bravo Company at BS547652 found 2 VC fresh graves appear to be males 30-35 years old killed by artillery results 2 VC KBA. SP4 Robert H. Sanchez was attached to the 2nd Surgical Hospital.


Charlie Company
April 11, 1968

Charlie Company has the Security Mission for LZ Black. At 0800hrs Charlie Company reports their location at BS532603. At 1300hrs Charlie Company reports their location at BS562604.


Delta Company
April 11, 1968

Delta Company picked up trail from NVA spotted last night and at 0826hrs Delta Company at BS515664 observed 2 VC with weapons and packs with results 1 VC KIA wearing green uniform, 1 Pack CIA was carrying rice, money belt with documents and diary-20 to 25 envelopes with stamps. At 1045hrs Delta Company 1st Platoon followed the trail found a new Base Camp six more houses at coordinates BS515664 that had been used recently engaged 3 VC with weapons hit 1 are looking for him. At 1050hrs at Delta Company 2nd Platoon OPCON to Bravo Company at BS546655 found near trail 1 bayonet, 1 entrenching tool, 4 large cooking utensils and some containers, will destroy. At 1200hrs Delta Company at BS538664 continued to sweep area and found 25 houses at coordinates BS517666, which had been recently lived in. Also at BS518664 found 40 more houses and military equipment for 30 or more people also found more Ho Chi Minn banners, 2 radios (like our PRC 60) radios found documents and medical supplies. Delta Company also reported in hooch found 1 anti tank grenade, 6 Chi Com grenades, 12 shovels, and 1 B-40 rocket also hooch’s made out of ponchos. At 1400hrs Delta Company receiving heavy sniper fire and calling in artillery. Delta Company had small unit action most of the day as Delta Company 1st Platoon continued to move up the gauge to the west putting pressure on the force in the area. At 1610hrs Delta Company at BS528675 found 300 AK 47 rounds, 1 NVA uniform and civilian clothes, will evac ammo and uniforms and destroy civilian cloths. 1-20 Infantry to Delta Company reference to BS532685 VC KIA, documents he had say he was Nguyen Phan, 2nd Platoon leader of 506th Company. Delta Company reports the following PFC Johnny Pritchett, PFC Benjamin Banks, James R. Fetters and Johnny C. Perdue where evac to the 27 Evac Hospital.


Echo Company
April 11, 1968

Echo Company is located at Nghia Hanh where Battalion Forward is located and coordinates with the Battalion Rear and S-4 section established the Rear Forward location Rear Area is BS615640. The 4.2 Mortar Platoon continued their direction fire support for Battalion Operations. Recon Platoon reports their location at BS615640. Recon Platoon reports their location at BS615640. At 1330hrs 1-20 Infantry called Dust Off for 5 US not results of hostile action. At 1430hrs Recon Platoon continued their Security Mission.

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