Headquarters and Headquarter Company
February 11, 1968

Forward Area: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at LZ Thunder and will continued to work with ARVN units in their Area of Operations. At 0803hrs Spray Mission at 0750hrs grid BS888318 received automatic weapons fire, 3 US personnel where wounded. 1 the pilot received Plexiglas wounds, 2 the Crew Chief received shrapnel wounds of the leg and 1 of the spray people received a shot in the head, all personnel were Dust OFF. At 1730hrs requested grid clearance for 81 HE H& I fires, nights of 11-12 February 1968 for grids BS830390, BS835378, BS832374, BS843371, BS830360, and BS825357. Both 1-20 Infantry & MACV cleared the grids at 1745hrs. Colonel Beers recommends we not fire 81 HE over heads of friendly troops unless it is absolutely necessary.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco. At 1105hrs Charlie Company 26th Engineers Personnel in Bunker #2 on Carentan reports activity approximately 450 meters south of Bunker. At 1130hrs MACV called that people are farmers but if they start through the wire to shoot them. They are also sending some PF element to check them out. At 1845hrs 6-11 Artillery reported to Brigade they had found 2 satchel charges (apparently duds) in their area. They believe them to be on to two weeks old. SFC Edward H. Masters was attached to 67th Medical Evac. At 2115hrs 81 fired 10 rounds on grid BS824356 as H & I.


Alpha Company
February 11, 1968

At 0930hrs Alpha Company 1st Platoon at BS764345, 2nd Platoon at BS764342 and the 3rd Platoon at BS762344. At 1109hrs Alpha Company at 762341 engage unknown size VC element, results 2 VC KIA and now following blood trails. At 1900hrs Alpha Company moved into their Night Defense Position at BS763346 with ambushes at BS767351, BS765345, and BS763343.


Bravo Company
February 11, 1968

At 0930hrs Bravo Company 1st Platoon is at LZ Thunder, 2nd Platoon at 104-105 and 3rd Platoon at 99-100. At 1040hrs Bravo Company at BS889319, 4 individuals evading, warming shots fired results result, 1 VC KIA (female). At 1900hrs Bravo Company on LZ Thunder for Security Mission and Bridges 99, 100, 104 and 105. At 2013hrs Bravo Company OP on MT Tripoli spotted 3 or 4 blinking lights at BS824409 and about lights in a cluster at grid BS823416. At 2115hrs Bravo Company 3rd Platoon ambush is in location at BS893264.


Charlie Company
February 11, 1968

Charlie Company (-) has the Security Mission for LZ Uptight. At 1220hrs Charlie Company at BS744836, detained 1 VCS, his name was on list given by civil defendant as being VC. At 1430hrs at BS753836, observed 2 VCS evading results 2 VCS detained. At 1930hrs Charlie Company reports their location at LZ Uptight.


Delta Company
February 11, 1968

At 0935hrs Delta Company 1st Platoon at BS800316, 2nd Platoon at BS793314 and 3rd Platoon at BS807300. As Delta Company their Search and Destroy operation in their Area of Operations. At 1900hrs 2nd Platoon at BS800300, 3rd Platoon at BS799290, and Delta Company at BS798318 with ambushes at BS796326, BS806302 and BS800290. At 2000hrs Delta Company was moving in their ambush location when they spotted 20 to 30 VC on the edge of the killing zone when we engaged them with small arms fire and automatic weapons fire a little early, with the results VC where not in the killing zone. Requested Gun ships and flare ships, put on hold results negative results. Delta Company is being to become a more confident unit in what they where able to do.


Echo Company
February 11, 1968

Echo Company and 4.2 platoon and radar platoon where located on LZ Thunder to provide direct support to the Battalion. At 1900hrs Recon Platoon is at BS849273 with ambushes at BS852277 and BS849271 to continue to find and cut off the routes the VC using.

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