Headquarters and Headquarter Company
October 11, 1969

Battalion Forward: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at LZ Liz and continued their working with the ARVN units in their Area of Operations. At 1020hrs Bravo Company Mine incident on Highway 1 (39th Engineers) truck behind the mine sweep hit a 49 pound charge. Damage report: 100 lost to truck and 2 US personnel wounded and Dust Off. The mine sweep team was sure the mine was command detonated. At 1655hrs Fighters will put in an Air Strike on BS845405. At 1743hrs Helix 33 reports Bomb Damage Assessment for Air Strike on grid BS845405, 6 structures damages, 1 bunker destroyed, 10 meters of tree line destroyed. At 1745hrs Charlie Company reports Bunker 4 collapse and 2 men were injured inside. One has a broken leg and ribs and other has head wounds (skull fracture) Charlie Company reports Buddy Quong WIA and WILLIE G. LEWIS IS LISTED AS KIA.

Battalion Rear: Battalion Rear continued their Mission for providing general support for the Battalion.


Alpha Company
October 11, 1969

Alpha Company will continue their Stand Down located at Chu Lai.


Bravo Company
October 11, 1969

At 0140hrs Bravo Company grid BS782436 the 53 element in their snake location spotted 2 NVA moving west, they were suspected to be point men for a larger element, we did not engage. One of the 2 NVA moved back in an easterly direction. We then spotted 40 NVA moving west. We tried to engage them but we couldnít get word out to all the men of the snake and the NVA got by. We are calling in Red leg at this time. At 0800hrs Bravo Company Ranger platoon moved out on an operation. The 83 element will be used with the Command and Control helicopter and the Vietnamese on that operation, and at 1845hrs the ranger squad has returned to Southern Bridge negative finding. At 1020hrs Mine incident of Highway 1 (39th Engineer) a truck behind the mine sweep hit a 49 pound charge, damage report 100% loss to truck, and 2 US personnel wounded and Dusted Off. The mine sweep tem was sure the mine was command denoted. At 1200hrs Bravo Company the 75 element along with the MPís from Bronco found 2,500 to 3,000 pounds of rice in the wall of hootches around the area where they found the empty mortar rounds. It is believed a collection point for the VC the S-4 is going to truck the Rice out of the area. At 1500hrs Bravo Company report of Rice total 9,700 pounds of rice, also found some sort of metal works shop with forge, coal, tools, etc, it is believed to be used to make mines and booby traps. Also we have a booklet with names in it we will turn it in on Utility Ship. Bravo Company Late report: The 83 element extraction has been completed, the PRU are all in. Bravo Company request Dust Off for RF with the 54 element is in convulsions and has a high temp. We need an Urgent Dust Off and Completed 1921hrs.


Charlie Company
October 11, 1969

Charlie Company continued the Security Mission for LZ Liz. At 1745hrs Charlie Company Bunker 4 collapsed and 2 men were injured inside one has a broken Leg and rib and other has head wounds (Skull fracture). Charlie Company reports that Buddy Quong WIA and Lewis was KIA. PFC WILLIE GEORGE LEWIS JR. IS LISTED AS KHA.


Delta Company
October 11, 1969

Delta Company has a Security Mission located at LZ Bronco and refitting.


Echo Company
October 11, 1969

Echo Company headquarters and 4.2 Mortar Platoon is location on LZ Liz, where the 4.2 Platoon providing direct fire support for the Battalion. At 0603hrs 4.2 Platoon report Observe Mission total expend 9 Illumination rounds. Echo Company Headquarters has the responsibility for Base Defense. At 0600hrs Recon Platoon reports we are leaving LZ Liz and at 0735hrs Recon reports we have reached checkpoint 1 at BS757349. At 1020hrs Recon Platoon reports we are at checkpoint 2 at BS735460. At 1040hrs Recon report that they are now at checkpoint 3 at BS735450. At 1330hrs we have finished out planned patrol and we are moving back to LZ Liz and should close in about 30 minutes and close on LZ Liz at 1430hrs.

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