Headquarters and Headquarter Company
September 11, 1968

Forward Area: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at LZ Thunder and will continued to work with ARVN units in their Area of Operations. At 1020hrs Late Entry 6-11 Artillery and 1-82 Artillery reports at 1820hrs at BS784428 received automatic weapons fire from both sides of the road. Water truck received 8 hits, negative casualties. At 1055hrs 1-20 Infantry TOC Medics 1-20 Infantry found a Vietnamese shot in the shoulder. He says (he was shot by VC) at BS859308 about 0900hrs this morning. Dust Off completed at 1043hrs, found Vietnamese at BS865314. At 1055hrs Delta Company 19 Engineer, at 1020hrs at BS910265 mine sweep team south, found pressure type mine 300 meters north of bridge 98, blew mine in place, estimate charge 30 pounds on the west side of road. At 1212hrs 1-20 Infantry Bravo Company at BS779531 detainee 2 VCS and let unit to tunnel told VCS to go in tunnel, went in and there was a large explosion, results 2 VC KIA. At 1450hrs Military Police request Dust OFF for an 11 year old Vietnamese child wounded in leg not serious, LZ is secure and completed at 1507hrs. At 1555hrs Military Police are terminating operation returning to LZ Bronco questioned villages, say there were 4 VC that went through village could not be found. At 2000hrs MACV Duc Pho Intelligence Reports LZ Bronco will be mortared tonight at 2000hrs. By VC mortars from the following locations at BS782399 and BS784396, engaged both these location with artillery zone sweep. At 2045hrs 1-20 Infantry APC on bridge 104 spotted lights in lake, little people on bride said it was 2 squads of VC. At 2230hrs at LZ Dragon Bravo Company southwest of his perimeter received fire, 5 rounds of small arms, negative assessment after flare fire. At 2315hrs Task Force Galloway: Plans for E Troop 1-1 Calvary 1 Platoon remain at LZ Dragon for maintenance and security, 2nd Platoon will work in south portion of 1-20 Area of Operation, will conduct mine sweep, search and patrol activities. The 3rd Platoon will assist National Police security in Duc Pho Area.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco.


Alpha Company
September 11, 1968

Alpha Company continued their Security Mission for LZ Liz and at 0634hrs Alpha Company at BS772408 and PF working in conjunction with Alpha Company reports received sniper fire from AK 47 and carbines, contact broken and PF searching area. At 1210hrs Alpha Company 30 and Command Post are at LZ Liz and Alpha Company is using Saturation Patrolling and multiple Day ambushes in their Area of Operation. At 1715hrs Alpha 60 is at LZ Liz with ambushes at A 87 at BS742434, A 88 at BS735442, A 90 at BS742442, and A 91 at BS734438.


Bravo Company
September 11, 1968

At 0845hrs Bravo Company Locations 87 at BS731526 and 60 has the Security Mission for Dragon, 67 at BS746528. At 1212hrs Bravo Company 67 at BS779531 detained 2 VCS lead unit to tunnel told VCS to go in tunnel went in and their large explosion results 2 VC KIA. At 1715hrs Bravo Location is B (-) at LZ Dragon and 67 at BS783526. At 2115hrs Bravo Company 23 at BS782529 element was moving east to alternate location after roving 50 meters they received small arms fire, with results 1 VC KIA. The VC KIA (20-30 wearing black PJ) had a pistol belt and M-26 hand grenade along with a claymore detonator with wire leading to a 105mm round, 2 more VC got away. At 2230hrs at LZ Dragon Bravo Company on the southwest perimeter received fire 5 rounds, small arms fire, have a negative assessment after flare fired.


Charlie Company
September 11, 1968

Charlie Company continued their Security Mission for LZ Thunder at 0845hrs 91 is at BS865337. At 1210hrs Charlie Company 91 is at BS864354, 60 at Charlie Brown, 63 at Bridge 84, 92 at Bridge 111, with Charlie Company 88, 67, Command Post at Thunder. At 1537hrs Charlie Company at BS863331 hit a command detonated booby trap was in a hedgerow off the ground with negative casualties found a wire leading from booby trap to a hole checking out area at present time. At 1815hrs Charlie Company has no change in locations.


Delta Company
September 11, 1968

At 0845hrs Delta Company Location 87 is at BS830281, 60 at BS826270, 67 and Command Post at BS826274. At 1815hrs Delta Company Locations 87, 60 with Command Post is at BS830292, 67 at BS843295, 68 at BS834270. PVT Johnny Pritchett was sick and at 0800hrs was evac to the 67th Evac Hospital and attached.


Echo Company
September 11, 1968

Echo Company is located at LZ Thunder where Battalion Forward is and coordinates with the Battalion Rear Elements and Base Defense elements on LZ Thunder. The 4.2 Platoon is located on LZ Thunder where they continue to provide direct fire support for the (1-20 Infantry Battalion). At 0848hrs Recon Platoon reports its location at BS88351. At 1010hrs Recon Platoon reports it locations at 87 at BS883251, Recon 89 at BS889255 and Recon 91 at BS890255. At 1210hrs Recon reports their locations as no change. At 1620hrs Recon Platoon reports their location at LZ Bronco. At 1815hrs Recon Platoon reports their locations 87 at BS819403, Recon 10 at BS819403, Recon 20 at BS840386 and Recon 30 at BS822269. At 1930hrs Recon at BS830386 received 15 rounds of AK 47 fire from the southwest.

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