Headquarters and Headquarter Company
February 12, 1968

Forward Area: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at LZ Thunder and will continued to work with ARVN units in their Area of Operations. At 0110hrs 1-20 Infantry received 15-20 rounds of small arms fire from village south of LZ Thunder at BS867315, returned fire with unknown results. At 0145hrs 1-20 Infantry Bridge 104 at BS885288 received sniper fire returning fire, results unknown. At 0200hrs 1-20 Infantry 4.2 platoon received 15 rounds of sniper fire from north side of LZ Thunder. At 1820hrs 1-20 Infantry Colonel Beers in Command and Control reported that Bridge 102 disappear again, calling engineer to have dirt hauled to fill it. At 1015hrs 1-20 Infantry Mike Force at 1010hrs at BS938230, observed a number of sampans, Swift Boats to investigate. At 1335hrs 6th Support reports there about 30 people demonstrating out in front of Bunker 31.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco. At 0045hrs 6th Support fire fight developed at 800394, PF in contact with VC at that location. Perimeter and some tents took rounds, negative casualties. At 2201hrs Bunker 41 had sniper fire, return fire with negative results. At 2250hrs Bunker 29 spotted 5 men crawling toward them. At 2312hrs Bronco Base received approximately 7 rounds of 82mm, mortar fire, went immediately to DEFCOM Red, fired counter mortar program with minor damage in 174th Aviation Helicopter pads. Fired 94 HE rounds of 81mm Mortar in counter mortar. At 2315hrs 174th Aviation received approximately 10 rounds of 82mm mortar. Results Damage sight to vehicles, 1 Gun Ship destroyed, 2 helicopters light damage dents.


Alpha Company
February 12, 1968

At 1000hrs Alpha Company at BS757350 requested Dust Off for individual with self inflicted gunshot wound in hand. At 1430hrs Alpha Company locations 1st Platoon at 754345, 2nd Platoon at BS750351 and 3rd Platoon at BS752347 and Alpha Company continued their Search and Destroy operations in their Area of Operation.


Bravo Company
February 12, 1968

At 0110hrs Bravo Company received 15-20 rounds of small arms fire from village south of LZ Thunder at BS867315 returned fire with unknown results. At 0115hrs Bridge 104 (BS885288) received sniper fire returning fire again results unknown. At 0145hrs Bridge 105 (BS883304) reports 6 rounds of sniper fire from Northeast of Bridge. At 0200hrs the 4.2 Platoon received 15 rounds of sniper fire from north side of LZ Thunder. At 0820hrs (Colonel Beers) in Command and Control helicopter reported that Bridge 102 has disappeared again, called engineers and have some dirt hauled to fill it in. At 1430hrs Bravo Company on bridges 99-100 and 104-105. At 1915hrs Bravo Company was moving to ambush position when they engaged with 30 VC at BS887270, results 3 VC KIA and 5 VCS detained. At 2105hrs Requested flare ship to return to BS887277 area and drop more flares ships on station at 2120hrs. At 2358hrs Bravo Company OP on Tripoli reports negative activity.


Charlie Company
February 12, 1968

Charlie Company (-) has the Security Mission for LZ Uptight. At 0830hrs Charlie Company at BS715802 observed estimated platoon size enemy force moving southwest to far away to take any action. At 0925hrs Charlie Company at BS734814, receiving heavy automatic fire, calling in Artillery and at 0930hrs artillery is lifted and Charlie Company going in to check area out and at 1200hrs reports their location at BS727807. At 1310hrs Charlie Company at BS733809 while searching area saw 1 VC results 1 VC KIA. This was the area in which they had been receiving sniper fire. At 1330hrs at BS727808, receiving heavy small arms and automatic weapon fire with result 1 US WHA Dusted Off. At 1530hrs Charlie Company informed that the WHA was now a KHA. At 1445hrs to 1700hrs Charlie Company at BS716795, engaged an estimate Battalion size VC element armed with 82mm and 60mm mortars, machineguns, and automatic weapons with results of 62 VC KIA and US had 2 WHA. SP4 WILLIAM JAMES WEBER LISTED AS KHA SP4 James M. McBreen attached to 2nd Surgical Hospital Chu Lai.


Delta Company
February 12, 1968

Delta Company sweeps the ambush area from last evening and located signs of a very large carrying party, was working their way west to east from the mountains toward the coast. At 1430hrs Delta Company is located at BS797302, with 3rd Platoon working at BS798292 and 1st Platoon at BS795513 conducting Search and Destroy operations in their Area of Operation. At 2000hrs Delta Company reports their ambush locations 1BS796326, BS806302, BS800290, 2 BS800300 and 3 BS799290.


Echo Company
February 12, 1968

Echo Company and 4.2 platoon and radar platoon where located on LZ Thunder to provide direct support to the Battalion. At 0200hrs 4.2 Platoon on LZ Thunder received 15 rounds of sniper fire from the north side of LZ Thunder. At 1430hrs Recon is located at BS843304 as they continued their Mission of Road Security.

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