Headquarters Company
January 12, 1968

Forward Area: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at LZ Thunder and will continued to work with ARVN units in their Area of Operations. At 0140hrs 1-20 Infantry reports 4.2 mortars sunk a sampan in vicinity BS898287, there were no secondary explosions. At 0212hrs received from SLAR Radar Americal Division TOC that 5 moving target were picked up vicinity 780360. Artillery could not be used because of Alpha Company ambush. 1-20 Infantry fired 6 rounds of 4.2 mortars into the area. At 1018hrs 3-1 Infantry Major Lorms called said the Recon Platoon 3-1 Infantry have discovered tunnel complex that will contain a Battalion sized unit wants reinforcements at BS753376. 1-20 Infantry contacted will reinforce with 2 platoons Bravo Company1-20 Infantry and 3-1 Infantry TOC was informed that the 1-20 will send Bravo Company 1-20 Infantry. At 1025hrs 1-20 Infantry reports 1st left 0933hrs insertion completed at 0956hrs. At 1038hrs LZ OD booby-trapped claymore and several 105 duds, request EOD landed at LZ LD. At 1110hrs Dust Off control requested Command and Control Helicopter to make Dust Off at BS900268 1 US with serious stomach wound, litter patient at 1030hrs. At 1241hrs follow up info Summers, Steve A. PFC 11B10 at BS899265 gunshot wound in abdomen, evac to Qui Nhon from LZ Bronco, discharge of weapon.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco. XO 1-20 Infantry Major Bell reported seeing 1 moving in area of his motor pool vicinity Military Headquarters, checked with bunkers and put 6th Support to be alert in that general area. Informed Major Bell of action taken and area searched no 1 found.


Alpha Company
January 12, 1968

At 1040hrs Alpha Company reports their location 1st Platoon BS860285 and 3rd Platoon at BS856291 have located a cave search with negative finding and continued their Search and Destroy mission in their Area of Operations.


Bravo Company
January 12, 1968

Recon 3-1 Infantry requested reinforcements for the search of a large tunnel complex at BS753376. At LZ OD Bravo Company requested EOD for 1 booby trap claymore, several dud 105mm artillery rounds. At 1104hrs Bravo Company reports their locations 10 at BS804900, 20 at BS815297 and 30 at BS908296. At 1654hrs Bravo Company lasts lift and Combat Assault touchdown vicinity BS742379 with two platoons to assist Recon 3-1 Infantry. At 1922hrs Bravo Company at BS758378, found tunnel complex-1 tunnel 4’tall 4’ wide 100-150 meters long. I tunnel had floor, bed, boards with writing on it-looked recently used, will destroy.


Charlie Company
January 12, 1968

Charlie Company continued their Security Mission for LZ Charlie Brown. Charlie Company patrol at BS856291 found a cave at 1046hrs. At1055hrs Charlie Company at BS908296 request a Dust Off for PFC Steven A. Summers has serious abdomen gunshot wound evac to Qui Nhon from Bronco. At 1058hrs grid BS907244 Charlie Company located 2 empty huts containing 5 tons of salt, with no people in the area. PFC Steven A. Summers attached to 85th Medical Evac Hospital, the WIA was a non combat wound.


Delta Company
January 12, 1968

At 1100hrs Delta Company located 4 holes complete pots, pans, and big container of rice-misc. canisters empty. Delta Company elements located now located at 1st Platoon-BS804900, 2nd Platoon-BS815297, and 3rd Platoon-BS908296. At 1440hrs Delta Company grid BS812298 found papers typed with unit typewriter, picture of Ho Chi Mhin, A book appears to be a classified-billfold with pictures and negative showing weapons and uniforms. At 1918hrs Delta Company grid BS803309 observed 20 people with rucksacks moving east.


Echo Company
January 12, 1968

Echo Company and 4.2 platoon and radar platoon where located on LZ Thunder to provide direct support to the Battalion. At 0212hrs CPT Hicks the Battalion S-2 reports that the 4.2 Mortar Platoon had sank Sam Pan vicinity BS898287. There was no secondary explosion. At 0212hrs the 4.2 Platoon fired 6 rounds of illumination for Alpha Company at BS780360. At 0650hrs Recon at LZ OD through the VIP program received 1 booby-trapped claymore, several 105mm duds, requests EOD mission landed on LZ OD. At 1440hrs Recon Platoon at BS892313 detained 2 VCS, 1 wearing green uniforms, admits being VC PVT wearing black PJ with negative weapons. At 1620hrs Recon at BS89313, element was searching tunnels. Shot and wounded one VC as he was evading and Dust Off completed.

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