Headquarters and Headquarter Company
May 12, 1969

Forward Area: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located on LZ Liz and will continued to work with ARVN units in Duc Pho Area of Operations. Much enemy activities in the Area of Operations near and around Fire Support Bases and Convoy hit on Highway 1. At 1120hrs 19 Engineer at BS917241 reports 2 convoys received small arms fire with 19 Engineer reports 1 US KIA and 1 US (E) with 1 VC KIA (CHARLIE COMPANY 19 ENGINEER HAS SP4 JAMES IDLETT LISTED AS KIA).

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco. At 0230hrs LZ Bronco received 75 RR and 30 60mm or 82mm mortars with negative casualties and at 0235hrs LZ Bronco received 10-15 60mm or 82mm mortars results 15 WIA casualties. At 0255hrs LZ Bronco received 2-3 140mm rockets, direct hit on TOC results 1 US KIA Charlie Company 26 Engineer and 1 US WIA USAF. At 0700hrs 174 Aviation had 2 gun ships shot down by small arms fires at BS762360 and BS773375 results 1 ship destroyed with 1 US KIA and 3 US WHA evac. Headquarters and Headquarter Company reports (possible Medics from Charlie Company) PFC Steven J. Keene was evac to 23rd Medical Battalion at 0430hrs with frag wounds to right knee and right arm, SP4 Donald E. Wallin was evac to the 27th Surgical Hospital at 0500hrs with frag wounds to throat and right arm. PFC FRANK E. JOHNSON WAS LISTED AS KIA (COACH died of burns and worked as a cook need data.) 1 KIA from Charlie Company 26 Engineer. SGT ROBERT WILLIAM COMPTON IS LISTED AS KIA.

WEBMASTER'S NOTE: (1) It has been confirmed via General Orders #4229 (Award of Purple Heart) published on 25 May 1969 that SP4 Gary W. McCann, an HHC Medic assigned to C Company, received wounds on this day while carrying out his duties with C Co.
  (2)  It has been confirmed via a copy of his Award of Purple Heart certificate dated 23 Jan 1970 and a Western Union telegram to his parents dated 16 May 1969 that PFC Steven J. Keene received his injuries on 13 May 1969; not 12 May as recorded on this site.


Alpha Company
May 12, 1969

Alpha Company continued their Security Mission for LZ Liz and conducts a Recon in Force to vicinity BS705421 and then returned to LZ Liz.


Bravo Company
May 12, 1969

At 0620hrs Bravo Company reports at 0305hrs at BS764400 received 2 hand grenades with results 5 US WIA (M). At 0845hrs 174 Aviation at BS785428 reports at 0700hrs 2 Gun Ships shot down by heavy automatic weapons fire with results 1 US KIA (gunner) and 1 US WIA (crew chief) with 1 air craft destroyed and 1 air craft salvageable Bravo Company conducts a Recon in Force to Vicinity BS762360 then secured a downed Gun Ship. At 1235hrs Bravo Company at BS784368 received 2 RPG rounds and small arms fire negative casualties or damage. Bravo Company reports the air craft is extracted at 1655hrs.


Charlie Company
May 12, 1969

Charlie Company conducts Recon in Force to vicinity BS773375 then secured a downed gun ship. At 0315hrs at BS774376 Charlie Company received 20 82mm mortar rounds results of 1 US KIA and 13 WIA (E). At 0340hrs at BS774376 Charlie Company observed flashes 500 to 600 meters west of location and at 0345hrs Fire Support Base Bronco received 3 140 rockets direct hit on TOC results 1 US KIA Charlie Company 26 Engineers and 1 US WIA USAF. At 1130hrs at BS774376 requested Dust Off for 2 US WIA with frag wounds from this morning difficulty breathing wounds from the Mortar fire. At 1240hrs Charlie Company at BS774376 received Small arms fire returned fire with negative results. At 1830hrs Charlie Company at BS774376, 76 at BS774377, 45 at BS775384. Charlie Company has SFC NATHAN BEDFORD SIMMONS LISTED AS KHA. SP4 Douglas J. Merrill, PFC, Eddie J. Shell, SP4 Thomas S. Troha, SP4 Dennis F. Petri, PFC Edward Lippick, evac to the 27th Surgical Hospital.

WEBMASTER'S NOTE: It has been confirmed via General Orders #4229 (Award of Purple Heart) published on 25 May 1969 that one of the two evacuees at 1130hrs was SP4 James A. Helvig.  The other individual is thought to be 1LT Ennis C. Duffer, III; however, confirmation is pending.


Delta Company
May 12, 1969

Delta Company continued their joint Operations on Pacification Program with the PF, and they set up with one platoon a blocking position for a PF at BS790445. At 0305hrs and 0435hrs at BS788425 Delta Company received mortar fire results of 2 WIA (E). At 1850hrs Delta Company is at BS788425, 97 at BS795418, 55 BS793430, and received sniper fire from a hedgerow. At 1918hrs Delta Company at BS789422 firing 90mm hit the hedgerow, 1 VC KIA. Delta Company reports evaded PFC William E. Fowler and PFC Glenn D. Jackson where evac where evac to 27 Surgical Hospital.


Echo Company
May 12, 1969

Echo Company headquarters and 4.2 Mortar Platoon is location on LZ Liz, where the 4.2 Platoon providing direct fire support for the Battalion. Echo Company Headquarters has the responsibility for Base Defense. Recon has a SRRP at BS704421 with remainder on LZ Liz.

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