Headquarters and Headquarter Company
November 12, 1970

Forward Area: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at LZ Liz and will continued to work with ARVN units in their Area of Operations. At 0750hrs AMC Ship on station for eagle Flight, Battalion Commander departed LZ Liz for Combat Assault. At 0815hrs Brigade Area of Operation Extension requested for 4-21 Infantry Date/Time/Grid 130600hrs to 151800hrs from BS632430 to BS700430 to BS780370 to BS760350 to BS700400 to BS630400 to start, approved RLM. At 0905hrs 1-20 Infantry AMC ship returned to LZ Liz with the Battalion Commander, ships on temporary weather hold. At 0915hrs 1-20 Infantry Eagle Flight: 1 PZ 0820hrs Recon LZ at BS749615, 2 PZ 0845hrs MACV LZ at BS737613 both LZ cold, the Battalion Commander returned to LZ Liz. At 1100hrs 1-20 Infantry Area of Operation extension Date/Time/Grid 121800hrs to 162400hrs from BS660550 to BS660520 to BS680520 to BS680550 the Purpose Combat Operations, disapproved by CPT Jones. At 1125hrs Aerial Observer at BS753569 spotted 3 personnel, Bravo Company was notified. Area of Operation dropped smoke on the location of these 3 personnel and Bravo Company sent out a patrol to check out the area. At 1530hrs 1-20 Infantry TOC reports Primo 2 is on station for 1 hour and breaks at 1615hrs. At 1608hrs 1-20 Infantry AMC on Station for Combat Assault of Recon and Commandos, also slicks for a Combat Assault: at 1710hrs 1-20 Infantry Recon PZ 1637hrs and LZ 1645hrs and MACV Commandos PZ 1657hrs and LZ 1703hrs. At 1711hrs 1-20 Infantry ship breaking station, Recon and MO Duc Commandos Combat Assault is completed. At 1800hrs MACV Mo Duc at BS735617, Commando Platoon found 1 US rucksack frame, US canteen and ran jacket and 1 55 gallon drum of kerosene, full all destroyed. Also a hootch with the phrase "Welcome to the American Youth we have refused to go fighting in Vietnam", written with charcoal in both Vietnamese and English. Legend 1st Platoon 12-18, 2nd Platoon 62-68, 3rd Platoon 82-88, 4th Platoon 32-38 and CO 44.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco.


Alpha Company
November 12, 1970

Alpha Company is located on LZ Bronco for training (Stand Down).


Bravo Company
November 12, 1970

At 0805hrs Bravo Company at BS746553 1st Platoon while on their Day patrol saw 3 personnel evading to the east approximately 400 meters away. They engaged with small arms fire resulting in 1 VC WIA (hit in left leg) wearing red top and black bottoms, negative ID and about 25 years old. There was also 2 VC KIA, both wearing all black, negative ID, ages 21-35. Kit Carson Scout says that they are definitely VC, and that one of the KIA was a tax collector. Found medical supplies, and documents. Routine Dust Off required for WIA Completed at 1000hrs. At 1030hrs 3rd Platoon spotted 4 VC at BS742578, they evaded north and engaged with small arms resulting in 1 VC KIA. The other 3 are presently in the Ville and checking it out. Initial engagement was 400 meters. At 1115hrs at BS751571 Priority Dust Off for 1 VC female, she was wounded while evading with 3 other VC from area of earlier contact, engaged at 100 meters, 1 WIA, CIA negative unit ID and her Dust Off completed at 1220hrs. The Aerial Observer at BS753569 spotted 3 personnel and dropped smoke on the location of the 3 personnel Bravo Company sent a patrol to check out the area. The 2nd Platoon detained 1 Vietnamese female age 35 with no ID, after interrogating by the interpreter, sent to LZ Liz on way to Military Intelligence.


Charlie Company
November 12, 1970

At 0840hrs Charlie Company 83/32/44 elements linked up and are on their way to join the 62 element at location BS655574. At 1145hrs Charlie Company at BS655514 Routine Dust Off for 1 US with high temp, vomiting, line #145 James Tate, completed 1159hrs. At 1824hrs Charlie Company at BS665576, 2nd squad and 3rd Platoon while on patrol found 1 booby trap believe it was a pineapple type frag with trip wire, to have been in position approximately 2 days. It was off the trail, wire made from a vine, destroyed in place. At 1921hrs Charlie Company 32, 44 and 62 elements in their Night Defense Position location vicinity BS655575. At 1936hrs Charlie Company element in location 12 is at BS656558, 15 at BS670567, 64 at BS758579 and 84 at BS672582. At 2120hrs Charlie Company had a trip flare go off at the 3rd Platoon Night Defense Position fired up the area with small arms fire and claymores, shot up Illumination and checked area with negative finding. Charlie Company reports PFC ROGER DALE COLE LISTED AS KHA DIED OF WOUNDS (SEE OCT 11, 1970 Died of wounds.) and SP4 James Tate with high temp, vomiting evac to B 23 Medical.


Delta Company
November 12, 1970

Delta Company will continue their Security Mission for LZ Liz.


Echo Company
November 12, 1970

Echo Company headquarters and 4.2 Mortar Platoon is location on LZ Liz, where the 4.2 Platoon providing direct fire support for the Battalion. Echo Company Headquarters has the coordination responsibility for Base Defense. At 0907hrs Recon 12 and the PF have linked up at BS737617. At 0915hrs Recon 12 element reports that the Vietnamese who is going to show them where the graves are and they appear to afraid to go there, will use a map to try and locate them. Recon Platoon and MACV Commandos conduct their Eagle Flight 1st PZ 0820hrs 1st LZ at BS749615 and 2nd LZ 0851hrs at BS737613. At 1150hrs Recon Platoon closed on BS749615. At 1710hrs Recon and MACV Commando are extracted at 1637hrs and completed at 1703hrs.

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