Headquarters and Headquarter Company
April 13, 1968

Forward Area: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at Nghia Hanh (BS616638) for OPERATION NORFOLK VICTORY. At 1000hrs 1-20 Infantry reports E Troop is located at BS533618. At 1145hrs 1-20 Infantry reports Command and Control Helicopter C-6 at BS4751 received heavy automatic weapons fire indicated altitude 3,000 speed 95 with negative hits. At 2005hrs 1-20 Infantry LTC Beers called regarding Dust Off request for US injured, patient has probable broken ankle and is delaying close into Night Defense Position, Dust Off was advised no to fly by Dr. Mc Lane because of weather and this is not a medical emergency. The Dust Off medical officer had not been informed that this patient was delaying the tactical mission, when so informed Dust Off was dispatched at 2020hrs and Dust Off completed at 2040hrs. At 2055hrs 1-20 Infantry requested chopper to move Bravo Company to LZ Blue on DATE/TIME 140630hrs.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco.


Alpha Company
April 13, 1968

At 0125hrs Alpha Company received 11 explosive rounds (grenades, rifle grenades) on the Night Defense Position with negative casualties or damage, fired 81mm mortar and artillery on suspected position with unknown results. At 0830hrs Alpha Company at BS589603 found 3 60mm rounds, 2 M-1 clips, 4 X 6 fuse box-no fuses in it destroyed. At 0940hrs Alpha Company at BS537600 found 2200 pounds of rice. At 1000hrs Alpha Company reports their location at BS595600. At 1443hrs Alpha Company at BS598599 found 300-400 pounds of rice will destroy. At 1447hrs Alpha Company at BS598594 engaged 1 VC evading results 1 VC KIA, 1 US 45caliber pistol CIA also 1 US canteen, pack and 1 medical bag CIA. At 1600hrs Alpha Company at BS599595 found a tailor shop with sewing machine, 10 sets of clothes and 1 pack of other military equipment will destroy also 1 typewriter, 2 VC gas masks and 1 transistor radio evac. At 1646hrs Alpha Company at BS597592 found approximately 900 pounds of rice and will destroy. At 2210hrs at BS592608 Alpha Company received 4 rounds of mortar fire wounding 2 men (1 chest wounds, 1 hit in are and leg) in the outside edge Night Lager Position Dust Off requested completed at 2210hrs. SP4 Charles V. McCoole, SP4 Burt R. Jackson and PFC Herbert Larrendo were attached to the 85th Evac Hospital.


Bravo Company
April 13, 1968

Bravo Company continued sweeping the Valley area in their Area of Operation. At 0805hrs Bravo Company reports their location at BS582645. At 1000hrs Bravo Company reports their position at BS590640. At 1140hrs Bravo Company 1st lift touchdown at 1140hrs and at 1207hrs completed with Bravo Company at BS525623. Bravo Company working on intelligence saying there is a POW camp with 100 Vietnamese guarded by 8 VC. At 1845hrs Bravo Company at BS502622 POW compound appeared to be deserted approximately 6-12 hours and destroyed several hootches. At 1920hrs Bravo Company reports their location at BS532622.


Charlie Company
April 13, 1968

At 0805hrs Charlie Company reports their location at BS544650. At 0939hrs Charlie Company at BS537653 found old VC positions and some old clothing and destroyed the clothing. At 1000hrs Charlie Company reports their position at BS540650. At 1115hrs Charlie Company found 1 VC KIA results of artillery fire at BS540662 and at 1130hrs Charlie at BS537660 found a bunker freshly lived in and also found assorted clothing, which we destroyed. At 1520hrs Charlie Company at BS528651 found 4 Russian anti tank rockets with fins and firing device, marking on rockets 11-102-59NKK will evac.


Delta Company
April 13, 1968

At 0805hrs Delta Company reports their location at BS518662. 1-20 Infantry report on weapons found yesterday total of 59, 13 M-1, 4 M-1 carbines, 1 M-79, 2 K-50, 1 MAT-49, 10 BAR, 1 30caliber light machine gun, 1 PPS 41-Burp gun, 5 K-44, 3 SKS, 4 Thompson Machine guns, 6 Chi Com SMG-56 and 1 fuse gun. Delta Company continuing to move west up hill 922 on 3 sides received several bursts of sniper fire continued to push westward up the gouge. Delta Company 2nd Platoon keeps trying to seal and block the top of the ridge, with the 3rd Platoon continued to push up the southern ridge to seal off the area, and the Command Post plus engineer section sealed the northern ridge. Keep pressure on from 3 sides not able to completely close off the area, Delta Company 2nd Platoon suffered some WHA, 1 being LT John P. Shepper, trying to seal the eastern ridgeline. The ridgeline was very narrow and hard to maneuver and unable to flank their positions. Delta Company 2nd Platoon had some of their WHA Dust Off by Dust Off climb up mountain through the heavy ground flog and hoisting the WHA out. The walking wounded came and carrying party came down to Command Post to carry their resupply of ammo and be evac. At 1255hrs Delta Company at BS517661 found 1 VC KIA in shallow grave, was wearing dark green uniform-appeared to have been dead as the results of small arms fire in the 2 days. At 1255hrs Delta Company at BS518660 received fire from 6 to 7 automatic weapons with results 3 US WHA-1 had chest and stomach wounds, 1 shoulder wound, 1 leg wound, 1st Platoon is working toward the fire, Dust Off was called. At 1810hrs Delta Company received sniper fire, results 1 US WHA, Dust Off requested. PFC ATANACIO GOMEZ JR is LISTED AS KHA, SP4 Christopher Cook, SP4 Ronnie M. Cowles, SP4 Larry J. Gray attached to 27 Evac Hospital.


Echo Company
April 13, 1968

Echo Company is located at Nghia Hanh where Battalion Forward is located and coordinates with the Battalion Rear and S-4 section established the Rear Forward location. The 4.2 Mortar Platoon continued their direction fire support for Battalion Operations. Recon Platoon continued their Security Mission for 1-20 Infantry. At 1920hrs Recon reports location at BS615640 with ambush at BS615626. At 2045hrs 1-20 Infantry reports PF reports a VC reported is moving into area of LZ Black, air surveillance requested in grids BS5558-BS5158, BS5358, BS5359 and BS5360 H & I fire is planned. Bravo Company has been alerted to be prepared for a possible move.

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