Headquarters and Headquarter Company
April 14, 1968

Forward Area: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at Nghia Hanh (BS616638) for OPERATION NORFOLK VICTORY. At 0920hrs E Troop 1st Cav. reports at 0914hrs BS618567 Track hit a mine results 5 US WHA, Dust Off completed at 0935hrs Dust Off ship received sniper fire also 1 US WIA has Died of Wounds final Total 4 WHA and 1 KIA (SP4 RONALD CARLTON SMITH LISTED AS KIA). Also reported at 1005hrs APC hit a mine appeared to be at least 100 pound charge and pressure detonated APC is totaled and will be destroyed in place. At 0942hrs 1-20 Infantry reports the PF captured 1 VC took him to 1-20 Infantry 4.2 Mortar location and he says he can lead them to 200 VC at BS502622 they stayed last night in 7 hooches at grid BS503618. At 1025hrs further info VC says there are 10 carbines located at BS550630 with 1 man guarding them. 1-20 Infantry is moving Alpha Company (-) and Bravo Company in direction of 200 VC when weather clears will bet air for Combat Assault. At 1050hrs in reference to 0942hrs informer changed story, now says that at location given is a POW camp with 100 Vietnamese guarded by 8 VC. At 1145hrs 174Aviation Battalion reported helicopter is down for precautionary maintenance at BS565625 and extracted at 1400hrs. At 1207hrs Bravo Company Combat Assault is completed. Info Last airlift of 4-21 Infantry arrived at Chu Lai. At 1720hrs Headquarters 1-20 Infantry reports at BS61540 turned in through VIP program, 1 M-72 law, 13 RPG –2 rockets, 13 60mm rounds, 1 Bangalore torpedo, 3 Chi Com grenades, 1 VC homemade bomb, 4 RPG boosters, 10 60mm fuses, and 3 unknown fuses, all destroyed. At 1920hrs E Troop is located at BS560596.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco.


Alpha Company
April 14, 1968

Alpha Company continued to conduct Search and Destroy operations at the same time they maneuver toward their objective LZ Black. At 0835hrs Alpha Company at BS598596 found 3000 pounds of rough rice in a hole, can not evac with out hand carrying it 600 meters will destroy. At 1030hrs Alpha Company at BS611567 villagers told Alpha that 40 VC went through area last night at 2200hrs were moving northwest. At 1400hrs Alpha Company at BS612566 detained 4 VCS with no ID and evading. At 1510hrs Delta Company at BS523659 found 26 new graves, had dug up 9 and found 9 bodies ages 16-35, had been dead approximately 1-5 days killed by frag and small arms fire. At 1545hrs Alpha Company at BS6358 1 of VCS picked up earlier stated that a VC Battalion location in grid BS6358 approximately 300 men. At 1630hrs Alpha Company at BS540597 PF report that villagers say a 300 man VC Battalion is at BS540594, the VC battalion is supposed to fight within the next few days, 2 elements of Alpha moving to check it our. At 1920hrs Alpha Company reports position at BS560596.


Bravo Company
April 14, 1968

Bravo Company continued Search and Clear operations into the Valley area.


Charlie Company
April 14, 1968

At 1005hrs Charlie Company at BS530650 has made contact with 20 VC dug in with poncho shelters overhead and VC evaded to south will try to block. Charlie also found a base camp large enough for 2 companies with picnic tables and fresh cooked rice on the tables at coordinates BS524654. At 1210hrs Charlie Company reports their position at BS526652. At 1215hrs Charlie Company BS524653 found 2 base camps. In base camp found well constructed tables, 1 clip 45 ammo, medical supplies, 6 large hootches, bunkers 75 rounds small arms ammo, unknown type, class rooms, mess hall, interpreter says it is training area size unknown. At 1520hrs Charlie Company at BS519657 found complete hospital 30 hooch’s, 1 bicycle turned upside down used as a generator, large amount of bandages, medical supplies, hadn’t been used for about 40 days, will evac medical supplies, destroy hooch’s. At 1920hrs Charlie Company reports their location at BS519657 with ambushes at BS522655, BS517656 and BS527659.


Delta Company
April 14, 1968

At 0736hrs Delta Company at BS526657 found bunker line with 10 bunkers used rocks as overhead cover and destroyed. At 0920hrs Delta Company at BS514663 receiving sniper fire from 2 snipers returning fire. At 1000hrs Delta Company reports their location at BS520664. At 1030hrs Delta Company reports at BS516662 made heavy contact with unknown size force 1 Platoon in blocking position and other platoon moving toward VC. At 1255hrs Delta Company at BS517661 found 1 VC KIA in shallow grave, was wearing dark green uniform- appeared to have been dead as the results of small arms fire. At 1210hrs Delta Company reports their location at BS523667. At 1255hrs Delta Company received fire from 6 to 7 automatic weapons with results 3 US WHA 1 had chest and stomach wounds, 1 shoulder wound, and 1 leg wound, The 1st Platoon working toward the fire, Dust Off requested. At 1440hrs Delta Company at BS522658, 1 US WHA, shot in arm by sniper and requested Dust Off and also found 3 bunkers destroyed still in contact. At 1500hrs 1-20 Infantry in cache found also 1 82mm mortar complete with sights and base plate and 1400 pounds of ammo which was destroyed. At 1920hrs Delta Company reports their location at BS523663 with ambushes at BS522661, BS525661, BSBS526661 and BS525659.


Echo Company
April 14, 1968

Echo Company is located at Nghia Hanh where Battalion Forward is located and coordinates with the Battalion Rear and S-4 section established the Rear Forward location. The 4.2 Mortar Platoon continued their direction fire support for Battalion Operations. Recon reports they continued their Security Mission for Battalion at BS615640.

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