Headquarters and Headquarter Company
September 15, 1969

Battalion Forward: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at LZ Liz and continued their working with the ARVN units in their Area of Operations. At 0550hrs 1-20 Infantry Command Message "Use your Air Panels" given to the Companies and Rear Area. At 0733hrs Helix 33 141500hrs September at BS822403, Duc Pho MACV: reported that one VC Village Committee member was killed by Air Strike and District Personnel had confirmed this. At 0830hrs Warlord on station, will be Visual Recon in area in 515 Valley from the 45 grid to the 48 grid along foothills. At 0915hrs the LRRP Tea Kettle working inside box FM BS6745-BS7145-BS7142-BS6742 and back to BS6745, working on Brigade Push 1-20 Infantry will be alternate push in case of emergency. At 0934hrs Warlord Lead at grid BS739464 picked up 2 military age males evading at grid BS741466, 1 military age male evading, lost him for 15 minutes spotted him again and he evaded resulting in Warlord getting 1 VC KIA and at grid BS822439, new fighting positions. At 1215hrs Warlord Lead at BS827438 numerous bunkers and tunnels, both new and old, blew with C-4 and grenades, 8 pair black PJ, 1 green shirt, numerous used cooking utensils, 10 pigs, 2 of which taken to LIZ. At BS825438 found professional tunnel complex, air vents the complete works, blew as much as possible.

Battalion Rear: Battalion Rear continued their Mission for providing general support for the Battalion. At 0900hrs Charlie Company 19 Engineer at BS901267 while on mine sweep were ambushed. They received 10 RPG and 300-500 rounds of small arms fire with results 2 t ton Trucks destroyed, 2 US WIA (E) and Dust Off completed at 0925hrs. At 2006hrs LZ Bronco PP/SI-5 report at BS832374 picked up 5-7 persons and engaged with 13 rounds of 81mm Mortar rounds and 9 rounds Artillery 105 direct fire and 12 rounds of Artillery 105mm VT fuse. At 2050hrs LZ Bronco at 2045hrs at BS847395 picked up 10 persons and engaged with 5 rounds 81mm mortar and 8 rounds of Artillery105 HE. At 2126hrs at BS843403 picked up 15 persons and engaged with 24 rounds 105Artillery and 9 rounds 81mm Mortar also 50 cal machinegun being fire.


Alpha Company
September 15, 1969

At 0624hrs Alpha Company all elements have closed and we are moving out. At 0710hrs Alpha Company at 0710hrs we will be breaking for chow at this location BS813449 and at 0735hrs reports moving out to Day Logger leaving 13 and 43 at BS813449 for security. At 0755hrs Alpha Company 72, 23and Command Post will be sweeping Ville in this vicinity and keeping higher posted on location. At 0917hrs Alpha Company reports the B 43 element closed on rest of Company all around vicinity BS811443. At 1200hrs Alpha Company is located at BS811433 their Day Logger at 1535hrs at BS811443 received a few rounds of sniper fire believed to be 1 sniper firing from BS814454 negative casualties or damage. At 1330hrs Alpha Company Report on Search and Destroy Operation 73 destroyed 7 hootches, 4 family bunker, 20 bushels of rice (48 barrels) have 6 women and 14 kids to interview. The 23 element destroyed 30 hootches, 50 pounds rice, have 2 women and several kids to question, all elements have closed. At 1535hrs Alpha Company received a few rounds of sniper fire from the north about 1 sniper at BS814454. At 1810hrs Alpha Company moving out of Day Logger to Night Defense Position site. At 2000hrs Alpha Company is moving into there Night Defense Position at BS8114360. At 2004hrs Alpha Company spotted lights to the east of our Night Defense Position site moving north to south now putting in 81mm mortar fire on location.


Bravo Company
September 15, 1969

At 0558hrs Bravo Company reports 76 has closed on LZ Liz. Bravo Company continued their Security Mission for LZ Liz. At 0917hrs Alpha Company reports that Bravo Company 43 element has closed on Alpha Company location. At 1125hrs Bravo Company 23 element has linked up with PFU and at 1152hrs is closing on objective. At 1315hrs Bravo Company 23 PRU has been extracted and at 1400hrs Bravo Company 23 has closed on LZ Liz.


Charlie Company
September 15, 1969

At 0556hrs Charlie Company reports all snakes have closed on our location. At 0850hrs Charlie Company reports the LRRP Team inserted and we are moving to our Night Defense Position. At 1025hrs Charlie Company present location is BS701459, at this location there is a squad size rest area, indications of recent occupation also found 2 old 82mm old mortar rounds. At 1054hrs Charlie Company at grid BS711432 found 1 male age sneaking around perimeter, believe he knows about VC/NVA in the area. The S-2 will send him to Military Intelligence. At 1200hrs Charlie Company is located at BS700559 and at 1425hrs at BS693437 have one NVA possible jungle fever approximately 21 years old and he stated that he is NVA and that their Medic left him to be picked up later. Charlie Company is setting up a ambush waiting for their return and he had a tag on him with D-40 written on it. Charlie Company at 1505hrs at BS693437, spotted two NVA wearing blue and black pants, they tried to detain them, but they evaded results with 1 VC KIA, he was carrying a bag of rice and NVA Poncho liner. At 1725hrs at BS686436 received sniper fire moving to Night Defense Position with results, 2 US WHA (E). Charlie Company is in their Night Defense Position at BS689436. At 1755hrs at BS689435 received heavy sniper fire from a squad size, have 3 WHA (E) and 1 WHA (M) who does not want evacuation, Dust Off is completed at 1910hrs. At 1910hrs Charlie Company 1 man with stomach wound (most serious) completed at 1855hrs by Command and Control Helicopter. Also picked up the other 2 at 1912hrs (Lifts assisted by Warlords) Names of people Dust OFF Fagundus gun shot to in right arms and Brewer, John gunshot wound to right foot. At 1930hrs Charlie Company Summary 1 NVA KIA and 1 AK47 location for Charlie Company elements 43 and 26 at BS689435 and location of main element is BS691438. At 2000hrs Charlie Company is located in their Night Defense Position at BS691438 with 43 and 26 at BS689435. At 2052hrs Charlie Company 1 more US wounded received minor frag wound from grenades, we are unable to give the name and where the wounds are location at this time. CPL JAMES STEVEN ROGERS IS LISTED AS KHA. 2LT Donald B Fagundus and PFC John R. Brewer where attached to 91st Evac Hospital.


Delta Company
September 15, 1969

Delta Company continued their Security Mission for LZ Snoopy. At 1945hrs Delta 24 element is moving out to snake location and closed at 2028hrs at BS792402 also at 2000hrs Delta 43 report their location at BS777450. For Delta Company elements 43 and 24 Operations See Echo Company September 15, 1969.


Echo Company
September 15, 1969

Echo Company headquarters and 4.2 Mortar Platoon is location on LZ Liz, where the 4.2 Platoon providing direct fire support for the Battalion. At 0520hrs 4.2 Platoon reports Observed Mission 3 and Defense Targets 2 for a total expended 15 HE and 3 WP rounds. Echo Company Headquarters has the responsibility for Base Defense. At 0545hrs Delta 24 element is now leaving itís location and heading for South Bridge. At 0613hrs Recon reports that D 24 is now on South Bridge. At 0755hrs on our snake last night our 24 element reported that the loud speaker was coming from grid BS788408, plan to put a patrol in this area today. At 0800hrs Recon Platoon we will Recon in Force to grid BS788408 and they report their Day Logger at BS789427. At 0920hrs Recon is moving on todayís Recon in Force later Recon and Command Post will move to north bridge sight, call in and inform when this happens. At 1100hrs Company Post moving back to Southern Bridge at this time and Command Post closed. At 1115hrs Recon in Force is located at checkpoint 2 at BS780424 and at 1200hrs all elements have closed on the South Bridge. At 1225hrs Recon Platoon locations the 73 snake at grid BS735431, 23 at BS792402 and Recon Command Post and Delta 24 elements at South Bridge site Delta 42 snake at BS777455. At 2045hrs Recon Platoon reports their night locations Recon BS789416, 24 BS792402, 43 BS777455 and 47 at Bridge 402.

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