Headquarters and Headquarter Company
March 19, 1970

Forward Area: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at LZ Liz and will continued to work with ARVN units in their Area of Operations. At 0430hrs 1-20 Infantry Radar at 1930hrs sighted 8 to 10 personnel moving southeast at BS732409 and engaged with HE of Artillery 105 and at 2310hrs 5 to 6 stationary personnel were sighted at BS752462 and engaged with 2 HE of Artillery 105. At 0100hrs 8 to 10 personnel were sighted moving east at BS728402 and engaged with 4 HE of Artillery 105 and at 0300hrs 2 to 3 stationary personnel were sighted at BS745411 and engaged with 12 HE of Artillery 105. At 0715hrs Brigade the LRRP Team Rolling Stone 36 has been inserted at Date/Time/Grid 190655 March 1970 at Grid BS715337. At 0858hrs Dolphin 6 Command and Control Helicopter 1-20 Infantry picked up 3 Vietnamese female detainees dress in blue tops and black bottoms at grid BS740474. All were in good condition and aged from 40 to 18, one had an ID and the others have no ID cards evac to LZ Bronco. At 0915hrs Brigade LTC Lund, Army Concept Team Republic of Vietnam will be here on 21 March 1970 between 0920hrs and 0940hrs to interview 3 personnel from Alpha Company who have fired the XM191 and he will be escorted by CPT Usrey (Division Chemical Officer). At 1315hrs 1-20 Infantry reports the Battalion CO left LZ Liz for MACV Duc Pho. At 1510hrs LRRP Nevada 37 will be inserted in the period 200600 to 161700 March 1970.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and will continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco. Headquarters and Headquarter reports SP4 Steven Miles Medic (see Charlie Company) treated at Battalion Aid Station for frag wound right forearm.


Alpha Company
March 19, 1970

Alpha Company continued their Security Mission for LZ Liz. At 0558hrs Alpha Company reports the 15 element is at checkpoint 2 at BS772426. At 0846hrs Alpha Company the 35, 36, 37 and 15 elements have closed on LZ Liz. At 1925hrs Alpha Company reports the 95, 96, and 97 elements will be roving patrols position along the access road and at 2036hrs 65 element is at BS787461.


Bravo Company
March 19, 1970

Bravo Company at 1003hrs the 37 element reports that a dozer at BS813405 set off one 8" round on a pressure device hooked up with a claymore wire. The dozer was completely destroyed with negative casualties. At 1635hrs Bravo Company in a patrol which, was never called by the 62 element, the 67 element spotted 4 Vietnamese personnel, they were challenged by the 67 element and they began to evade and 67 engaged with small arms and pursued. The though they had a possible KIA/WIA but have negative results. Bravo Company 67 picked up 2 Vietnamese detainee females at BS796467 they had no ID and sent to MACV. The 17 patrol has just received incoming fire at BS800450 and we engaged with small arms fire and 81mm Mortar. Shark 6 is on station to assist with negative finding. At 1840hrs Bravo Company 33 element found 2 live rounds of Artillery 105mm and a 90mm recoilless rifle at BS776356 and both were blown in place. Bravo Company the 13 element reported that 2 VC/NVA walked up on their ambush location. The NVA asked the PRU answered yes and the VC/NVA backed off. The 13 element blew their ambush and received AK47 fire the results were 2 VC/NVA KIA. One wearing gray pants, red shirt, and other all gray uniform with NVA Pistol belt with one hand frag US M26, belt was leather with a buckle had a star in it and captured (1) M-1 carbine and documents both VC/NVA had black boots. The 13 element swept the area and found clothing and blood trail and continue to ambush the area and will sweep area again.


Charlie Company
March 19, 1970

At 0150hrs Charlie Company we request an Urgent Dust Off for two US, one with a large cut to the side (Henderson Willie, line #531, who became a KHA). Also 1 US with who ear drums believed to be caved in (Wiliburn, line #067, will be back in field in l days). Charlie Company had received 3 incoming rounds of unknown type. Dust Off completed at 0128hrs, at grid BS729377, 2 additional US were injured were scrapes and bruises) line #028-064) it was unknown friendly or enemy rounds. At 0750hrs we will leave behind the 92 element is in a stay behind at BS729377 for crater analysis team has a look at the crater. At 0930hrs Charlie Company our head medic has a slight frag wound and scratch on the arm from incoming last night. At 1740hrs Charlie Company 32 element found one dud 250pound bomb at BS735377 and blown in place. At 1758hrs Charlie Company the 19 element reports incoming sniper from BS714386. Shark 6 checked out the area with negative finding. The 36 element sent a patrol into the area with negative finding. At 1921hrs we are at our Night Defense Position BS722382. SP4 WILLIE HENDERSON LISTED AS KHA. Charlie Company reports SP4 Steven Miles Medic (see Headquarters and Headquarter Company), PFC John M Wilburn ringing ears to B 23 Medical, SGT Danny D. Hanna evac to B 23 Medical wounded back and SP4 Arnie M. Jardine evac to B 23 Medical with frag wound left upper arm.


Delta Company
March 19, 1970

At 0652hrs Delta Company is moving to BS775360 and at 0840hrs reports their location at BS784373. At 0925hrs Delta Company 32 we need one Routine Dust Off for 1 old female Vietnamese with an infected wound on the back of the head, Dust Off completed at 0837hrs. Delta Company continued to use multiple patrolling in their Area of Operation. At 1145hrs Delta Company we kill one cow which was attacking the dogs. We tried to distract the cow but the cow would not stop so we killed her to protect the dogs. At 1510hrs Delta Company 32 on Road Security reports a truck ran over a Artillery 105 booby trap mine at BS7766537, he was backing up. The truck had frag damage to the gas tank and the tires and it was a 5 ton with negative casualties. At 1725hrs Delta Company 12 element found one spider hole is 4’ in diameter, 5’ long and 6’ deep at BS775355. At 1752hrs Delta Company 32 at grid BS776535 the engineer’s were working on the road received sporadic sniper fire. We engaged with small arms fire and 81mm and the 32 element checked it out with negative results. Delta Company 62 element reports a sighting of nine personnel to the west of out Night Defense Position at BS774378 and Artillery was called. At 1825hrs Delta Company 62 element found a 10 man sleeping position at BS783366, they was 2’ to 3’ deep and 3 to 4’ long and was destroyed. At 1825hrs Delta Company 12 element found 2 live rounds of 105mm and 91mm recoilless rifle at BS776356, both ordinances were blown in place. At 1850hrs the entire element is moving to Night Defense Position. At 1926hrs Delta Company we are in our Night Defense Position at BS778373. At 2110hrs Delta Company the 62 element reports a sighting of personnel to the west our Night Defense Position at BS774378, artillery was called in on the location.


Echo Company
March 19, 1970

Echo Company headquarters and 4.2 Mortar Platoon is location on LZ Liz, where the 4.2 Platoon providing direct fire support for the Battalion. At 0621hrs 4.2 Platoon reports Scheduled Fires 19, Observed Mission 1 for a total expended of 30 HE and 22 Illumination. Echo Company Headquarters has the responsibility for Base Defense. At 0805hrs Recon Platoon conducts a Combat Assault from LZ Liz at 0752hrs to LZ at BS718467 at 0800hrs LZ was cold. At 1335hrs Recon Platoon we found a tunnel/cave complex at BS722469. One NVA ran out and the 19 element fire on him resulting in 1 NVA KIA in a green uniform, he had 4 30 pound satchel charges, C/S type. We also found 100 to 150 pounds of rice. The caves were in an area of large rocks, we are calling in artillery to work over the area. The NVA KIA had documents and cooking utensils and NVA was 8’ away from Recon when they fired on him. At 1323hrs Recon reports our present location at BS728466 and at 1420hrs report they are on the move. At 1557hrs Recon our present location is at BS733462, the 19 element has a snake at BS734465 and the 33 element is at BS727470. At 1935hrs Recon Platoon we are moving out for BS733462 and the 19 element was at BS730457 and at 1940hrs and the 33 element at BS729447.

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