Headquarters and Headquarter Company
January 22, 1968

Forward Area: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at LZ Thunder and will continued to work with ARVN units in their Area of Operations. At 1056hrs 1-20 Infantry requests to know when bull dossier from Charlie 26 Engineers will come to LZ Thunder to work on Helicopter pad, roads and defense positions 4 or 5 days more required at LZ Liz will move to LZ Thunder when completed. At 1056hrs 1-20 request to know when PF operation west of Bridge 111 will be completed, they are finishing up now. At 1115hrs 1-20 Infantry Mike Forces has spotted 7 VC in vicinity 899253 and many VC at 904253, requested FAC to come down and check area and adjust artillery fire. Command and Control Helicopter checked out area and found friendly troops in the area. At 1445hrs 1-20 Infantry request clearance to work in Duc Pho RD area west of RR and south of last grind line 37 will have elements in that area and canít get clearance to go into that area because no officers area available at MACV, Notified 1-20 Infantry. At 2100hrs (Late Entry) E Troop 10 element picked up movement to west of Bridge 110. He fired on this movement and at the same time, Bridge 111 ARVN started receiving heavy fire from an estimated force of 30 VC. Major Smith (Duc PHO) called and requested flare and gun ships, Guns ships and Flare ships were on station in 05 minutes. Action continued for approximately 2 hours. E Troop 10 and ARVN troops searched area to west of bridge and found numerous blood trails and evidence of things being dragged. At 2400hrs 1-20 operation with PF would be running in morning.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco. At 1750hrs Military Police at check point Bronco received about 3 rounds of small arms fire, rounds landed approximately 50 meters away from checkpoint. At 2125hrs LZ Bronco Bunker 6 and 10 reports movement in front of bunkers. This is in the same vicinity that a tunnel was located last week and tunnel was booby trapped by US Illumination was fired with negative sightings.


Alpha Company
January 22, 1968

Alpha Company continued their Security Mission for LZ Thunder. At 1630hrs planned operation for 23 January 1968 Alpha Company conduct Combat Assault at 0650hrs to 3 LZ at BS883328, BS878318, and BS895307. At 1350hrs Alpha Company at grid BS882318 received 8-9 rounds of small arms fire from hedgerow, searching out area, negative results. At 1708hrs Alpha Company grid BS885315 and took 3 VCS female into custody they where hiding in a hut when Alpha Company received fired and the man who fired on them fled.


Bravo Company
January 22, 1968

Bravo Company continued their Security Mission for LZ OD, and continued to use patrolling and OP in their Area of Operation.


Charlie Company
January 22, 1968

Charlie Company continued their Search and Destroy Operations in their Area of Operation and is working in a southern direction toward LZ Bronco.


Delta Company
January 22, 1968

Delta Company continued their Security Mission for LZ Charlie Brown and conducts patrolling in their Area of Operation.


Echo Company
January 22, 1968

Echo Company and 4.2 platoon and radar platoon where located on LZ Thunder to provide direct support to the Battalion. At 1340hrs Recon Platoon engaged 2 VC with results 2 VC KIA and 2 weapons were captured 1 Thompson sub machine gun 1 9mm sub machine gun, 3 magazines ammo, 1 magazine with 9mm ammo, 1 US pistol belt, 1 first aid pack, 1 Homemade hand grenade and 1 bag of candy also 2 documents with red stars, pictures. Permission to destroy grenade was refused at grid BS782315. At 1535hrs Recon Platoon at BS792312 hears automatic weapons fire from this location. At 2125hrs Recon Platoon reports 2 rounds of HE, undermined type exploded vicinity BS788332, approximately 500 meters from their location. No H & I fire in this location. At 2230hrs rounds landing in Recon location was confirmed to be friendly, artillery 175 fired 1 round and it landed in the same place as previous rounds, ceased fire until corrections were made.

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