Headquarters and Headquarter Company
June 22, 1968

Forward Area 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at LZ Thunder as the Battalion returns to Control of the 11th Light Infantry Brigade Control in the Duc Pho Area of Operation. At 0550hrs 1-20 Infantry TOC Delta Company 4-21 Infantry 3rd Platoon received 2 rounds of sniper fire from vicinity BS783501 and called artillery on suspected location. At 0823hrs Delta Company 4-21 Infantry at BS745530 engaged 1 VC evading, results 1 VC WIA, CIA hit in leg 70-75 years old, Dust Off completed at 0850hrs. At 0925hrs Delta Company 4-21 Infantry at BS742548 detained 1 VCS, 19 years old, came out of wood line no I D card but had birth certificate. At 0855hrs Delta Company 1-52 Infantry at BS746439 observed 3 man evading, 1 wearing black pants and white shirt other wore black PJ did not engaged moving into area to try to police them up, location of friendly BS744433 negative results. At 1030hrs Delta Company 4-21 Infantry at BS760535 located a booby trap with smoke grenade set off device tripped under table, kicked firing device went off but round failed to explode, negative casualties will destroy in place. At 1111hrs Delta Company 4-21 Infantry at BS756542 found a 105mm dud, not booby trap will destroy in place. At 1135hrs Delta Company 4-21 Infantry at BS745530 have found 5 booby traps in an area of 50 meters. All attached to same kind of furniture. Some had pressure type firing devices and other trip wires, will destroy in place. At 1148hrs Delta Company 4-21 Infantry at BS755525 detained 1 VCS with no ID card, black shirt and shorts, 50 years old, acted like he couldn’t hear, will use as guide today. At 1240hrs E Troop at BS832428 exploded 175mm dud round. At 1345hrs Delta Company 1-52 report location at LZ Liz and Delta Company 4-21 Infantry at BS752500. At 1406hrs Delta Company 4-21 Infantry at BS777534 found Punji pits 5’ wide X 3’ deep stakes 2’ long, found an area of LZ that had several pits, in process of destroying. At 1434hrs Delta Company 4-21 Infantry at BS774548 detained 1 VCS hiding in hooch will evac to LZ Bronco. At 1400hrs BA To Special Forces Camp is receiving mortar rounds at this time, at 1500hrs Ba To received 8 round mortar fire size unknown on east and west perimeter, are out sweeping area for VC at this time with negative contact. At 1650hrs Delta Company 4-21 Infantry at BS763531 observed approximately 25 people moving southwest 350 to 400 meters away. Group was women with man mixed, all started to run would not halt engaged results 1 VC KIA and 1 VC WIA. The KIA was female 25 to 30 years old, others evaded into wood line. Delta Company closed into wood line, Delta Company closed and checked wood line with negative results. At 1910hrs Delta Company 4-21 Infantry reports their location at LZ Dragon with Delta Company 1-52 Infantry reports their location at LZ Liz with ambushes at BS757438 and BS742433. At 1920hrs Delta Company1-52 Infantry reports at 1905hrs Malaria case dusted off. At 2013hrs Delta Company 4-21 Infantry frequency has a foreign language coming across 43.35, the 1-20 Infantry interpreter says it is Chinese. At 2054hrs Delta Company at BS778550 2nd Platoon received sniper fire, 3 weapons fired semi automatic fire approximately 700 meters location of sniper BS775556 and artillery was called. At 2148hrs Delta Company 1-52 Infantry on LZ Liz observed lights on access road moving east and picked up 4 VC in beam of their search light, now engaging with M-60 and 81mm fire, believed to have hit 1 VC will check area at first light with negative results.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco. At 0008hrs Sector B reported 8-10 rounds of incoming small arms fire around Bunker 9-10. At 0010hrs Radar reported large firefight in form of Sector B. PFC Floyd Seahorn and PFC Thomas S. Warder from Headquarter and Headquarters Company where awarded the Purple Heart (See Bravo Company).


Alpha Company
June 22, 1968

Alpha Company is at LZ Bronco for their Stand Down.


Bravo Company
June 22, 1968

At 1017hrs Bravo Company at grid BS736409, hit a booby trap 2 US WHA being Dust Off, completed at 1031hrs. There was a frag grenade with trip wire across trail and wire flush with ground. The grenade was approximately 4’ off ground in some small scrubs. The Bravo element was in file formation 7-10 meters apart wearing steel pots. No sign was in area telling of booby trap and was not reported by civilians. At 1020hrs medic moving up to help 2 US WHA tripped a booby trap results 1 more WHA. At 1055hrs Bravo Company at BS736416 found 1 M-14 mine not booby trap, destroyed in place. At 1345hrs Bravo Company is located at BS822438. At 1420hrs Bravo Company at BS832431, found 2-8" duds at BS832431 and BS813465, both destroyed in place. At 1910hrs Bravo Company is in their Night Defense Position at BS817470 with 2nd Platoon ambushes at BS811472, BS816466 and BS722418. Bravo Company reports the following SGT Robert L. Degree JR and PFC DONALD WASHINGTON where evac to 2nd Surgical Hospital (See June 24, 1968), PFC Floyd Seahorn and PFC Thomas S. Warder from Headquarter and Headquarters Company where awarded the Purple Heart.


Charlie Company
June 22, 1968

At 1141hrs Charlie Company at BS810348 found tunnel 2’ X 2’ entrance 6’ think 4’ wide, 25 meters long then forks into 2 tunnel destroyed. At 1345hrs Charlie Company reports their location at BS805345. At 1910hrs Charlie Company has moved to their Night Defense Position at BS813344 with ambushes at BS811346, BS816343 and BS815346.


Delta Company
June 22, 1968

Delta Company continued their Security Mission for LZ Thunder. At 1345hrs Delta Company reports location at LZ Thunder. At 1745hrs Delta Company is told by a Kid that at BS847299 supposed to be 20 VC calling for 4.2 at this time on hill 56 results unknown location to far to check it out. At 1910hrs Delta Company (-) is at LZ Thunder with 1st Platoon at BS839327, 3rd Platoon at BS825321 with ambush at BS823328. At 2020hrs Delta Company 12 at BS823328 has received 1 burst of automatic weapons fire and 2 60mm rounds 100-150 meters from their location have not been able to determine direction.


Echo Company
June 22, 1968

Echo Company is located at LZ Thunder where Battalion Forward is and coordinates with the Battalion Rear Elements and Base Defense elements on LZ Thunder. The 4.2 Platoon is located on LZ Thunder where they continue to provide direct fire support for the Battalion. At 1345hrs Recon Platoon reports their location at LZ Charlie Brown.

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