Headquarters and Headquarter Company
August 24, 1968

Forward Area: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at LZ Thunder and will continued to work with ARVN units in their Area of Operations. At 0035hrs Division TOC Intelligence reports Americal Interrogation center. LT Overgetter reports that all bridges in and around the Quang Ngai area will be blown between now and Sunday night advised bridge people to be on guard. At 0134hrs information reports Chu Lai is receiving incoming rounds, 19 rockets received by Chu Lai, activity ceased by 0255hrs. At 0245hrs LZ Bronco Defense Red Alert receiving incoming 82mm mortar rounds vicinity Dolphin Park approximately 10-12 rounds. Fired Counter mortar target grid BS805405, BS805390, negative assessment. At 0300hrs MACV Duc Pho reports on bridge 115, at BS790417 is being mortared, suspected mortar position is at BS784410. If radar has picked it up and fire it. Results of mortar fire 1 PF KIA and 1 PF WHA. At 0335hrs Sharks observed 7 VC evading from suspected mortar position at BS795398, engaged resulting in 7 VC KIA, were dressed in shorts with packs. At 0340hrs 1-20 Infantry at 0700hrs will pick up the tracker dog team and check gird BS79843992 and dogs will be picked up at southeast pad. At 0650hrs Sharks located 1 82mm mortar at BS79843992 was destroyed with rockets, will have 1 squad from Alpha Company 1-20 Infantry from LZ Liz to police up mortar. Division has authorized early clearance on aircraft; Command and Control Helicopter will keep under observation. There will be 1 EOD man will accompany mortar retrieving, party. At 0835hrs the Brigade S-3 to 1-20 Infantry They were advised that two platoons are to be considered as the Brigade reaction force and should be employed in a role that makes them really available to Brigade. At 0842hrs Delta Company 19 Engineer at BS882308 received sniper fire, approximately 40-50 rounds from eastside of road and approximately 40 found from western side of road. North of bridge 105 ran into rock barricade across highway, returned fire with (50 caliber) from bunker 19 on LZ Thunder with negative casualties. At 0855hrs Division TOC notified Brigade that Champaign Grove is on a Division hold. At 0858hrs Delta Company 19 Engineer at 0840hrs at BS775451 found a road block made of barb wire and piles of rock, under rocks was a 1round 4.2 and dud round was blown in rice paddy. At 0900hrs 1-20 Infantry S-2 at 0716hrs Visual Recon the area observed bridge 105 is not blown but a grid BS882302 has 4 barricades across the road. At 0930hrs EOD at 795398 with Alpha Company reports the following item blew in place, 9 Chi Com grenades, 1 M-26 grenades, 1 40mm and 1 82mm round. Also found 6 VC KIA by Sharks. At 0930hrs 1-20 Infantry reports at BS795358 found the following, 1 81mm mortar tube, 1 mortar sight, 1 base plate, 1 M-1 carbine, 4 aluminum canteens. Also 4 M-1 magazines with ammo, 1 first aid pouch, 2 NVA pistol belts, 1 nightlight, 3 entrenching tools, 6 packs and other misc. equipment with medical supplies. At 0915hrs 1-20 Infantry TOC Charlie Company 19 Engineer at 0826hrs reports at BS921180 mine sweep traveling north found 1-105 round buried in ground. At same location found 1 illumination round buried Ĺ in ground and was covered with sticks and rocks. At 1130hrs 1-20 Infantry TOC at 1130hrs request a interrogation team for their 20 element of Alpha Company was approved and Command and Control is supposed to pick up team at southeast pad at 1215hrs. At 1135hrs 1-20 Infantry reports Charlie Company 19 Engineer at BS916257 mien sweep team found a hole in the road with RR tie placed in it. There was human waste all around with rocks piled on top. Remove tie, no booby trap discovered. At 1200hrs Bravo Company 19 engineer reports several bridges blown, road is not open and will not be open until tomorrow, Road is open from LZ Snoppy south. At 1243hrs Charlie Company 19 Engineer at BS921183 received 1 round sniper fire from Eastside of road. Negative casualties, did not return fire. At 1408hrs E Troop Bravo Company 19 Engineer at BS779442 found a mine at the above location, type of mine unknown. Mine was inside of sandbag tired with a rope. At 1413hrs 1-20 Infantry reports 6-11 artillery at BS865317 found a 13 year old girl who had been shot in the check, requested Dust Off, cancelled girl died. At 1455hrs the 1-20 Infantry TOC reports Charlie Company 19 Engineer at BS920187, received sniper fire from both sides of road, negative casualties, returned fire with negative assessment. At 1510hrs Military Police at BS921190 received sniper fire with negative casualties, APC returned fire with negative results. At 1700hrs Charlie Company 26 Engineer at BS787423 received heavy small arms fire from LZ Liz to LZ Bronco, 1 US WHA, slight wound and vehicle lightly damaged. At 2022hrs Chief of Police MACV Duc Pho reports that LZ Thunder, LZ Bronco, LZ Liz and bridge 104 will be mortared tonight. At 2103hrs E Troop 2103hrs at BS930235 advise his elements on bridge 95 have a boat in sight, also has movement on the shore. Request illumination from LZ Charlie Brown also swift boats will check it out.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco.


Alpha Company
August 24, 1968

At 0617hrs Alpha Company at BS795398 found a 81mm mortar tube and base plate also 5 bodies, will evac at Day break. At 0750hrs Alpha Company at BS795398, made contact with 1 VC results 1 VC KIA was wearing NVA uniform had no weapons, approximately 20. At 0930hrs Alpha Company at BS795358 found the following 1 81mm tube, 1 mortar sight #9-548, 1 base plate, 1 M-1 carbine #2917104, 4 canteens, 1 M-1 magazine with ammo. Also 1 first aid pack, 2 NVA pistol belts, 1 night light, 3 entrenching tools, 6 pack CIA and misc. equipment and medical supplies. At 1040hrs Alpha Company 20 is at BS774427, 31 at BS797400. At 1105hrs Alpha Company at BS774425 detained 5 VCS all male at 1130hrs. 1-20 Infantry requested a interrogation team for their 20 element of Alpha Company, request was approved and Command and Control helicopter will pick up team at South east pad at 1215hrs. At 1721hrs Alpha Company at BS783404 found a small hole with some documents, a letter and some maps, will evac to LZ Thunder. At 1930hrs Alpha Company is at LZ Liz with 21 at BS742443, 22 at BS746424, and 23 at BS776425.


Bravo Company
August 24, 1968

At 1040hrs Bravo Company locations is Bravo Company (-) at LZ Dragon with 20 at BS764548. At 1206hrs Bravo 20 location is at BS760548. At 1612hrs Bravo is located at LZ Dragon with ambushes at 11 BS773555, 12 BS760558, 13 BS761548, and 31 at BS766539. SGT Larry L. Lemunyan was Evac sick to the 2nd Surgical Hospital at 1630hrs.


Charlie Company
August 24, 1968

Charlie Company continued their Security Mission for LZ Thunder. At 1930hrs Charlie Company is on LZ Thunder with 21 at BS884295, SRRP Loner at BS792357 and SRRP Silent at BS877284.


Delta Company
August 24, 1968

Delta Company continued their Security Mission for LZ Charlie Brown. At 0620hrs Delta Company 15 at BS887260 has 6 to 7 VCS spotted Iím closing in and other element is moving into a blocking position. At 0835hrs the Brigade S-3 to 1-20 Infantry They were advised that two platoons are to be considered as the Brigade reaction force and should be employed in a role that makes them really available to Brigade. At 1040hrs Delta Company at 10 at BS883258 and 20 at BS873256 and them at 100 at BS883259, found 2 bar magazines ammo can full of small arms, AK47 rounds, M-16 rounds, M-79 rounds and carbine rounds and clothing for approximately 6 people. Also some documents a list of names of people on a bridge, bridge # unknown, Documents of Bridge defense, documents had fresh blood on them observed 2 Vietnamese in area and are in the process of searching the area. At 1115hrs Delta Company at BS883259 found 1 VCS wounded about 25, found medical supplies, documents, assorted clothing, cleaning kit for AK 47, 2 empty AK 47 magazines, 1 Chi Com Grenade. Also found 1 belt of 65 rounds of 30cal ammo, VCS said there where 5 VC and 1 VC female going up the hill to 10 element and 4 of them carrying AK 47. Also found 65 rounds of AK47, 37 rounds of M-16, 100 rounds of 4 M-79 and 58 rounds of 7.62 ammo. At 1455hrs Delta Company is located at BS877253 found small base camp can hold about 10 people, 9 prone shelters, a large amount of wood, 2 pots with rice, 10 beer cans, assorted C Rations cans. Also Found was 1 pair of PJ, 3 rounds of Carbine ammo, 1 bottle of malaria tablets looked to have occupied about 48 hours ago. At 1614hrs Delta Company 20 is at BS883273 and at 1835hrs Delta Company at BS884258 engaged 3 VC with packs, negative results, they may have the VC pinned down, and will call back later. At 1905hrs at BS884259, Delta Company found 1 dead VC wearing black pants and blue shirt, it is believed to be one of the VC they fired on Oct 23 1945hrs BS886264 negative weapon or device. At 2150hrs Delta Company locations Delta Company 10, 20 Night Defense Position at BS889259, the 13 snake at BS886261, the 22 snake at BS898253, 23 at BS890267, 30 and the Command Post is location at Charlie Brown with 33 at Bridge 94.


Echo Company
August 24, 1968

Echo Company is located at LZ Thunder where Battalion Forward is and coordinates with the Battalion Rear Elements and Base Defense elements on LZ Thunder. The 4.2 Platoon is located on LZ Thunder where they continue to provide direct fire support for the (1-20 Infantry Battalion). At 1015hrs Recon Platoon 3-1 Infantry and 1-20 Infantry has closed into Special Forces Camp Ha Thanh. At 1105hrs Recon Platoon requested Dust Off for 3 US WHA from Engineer group, 1 serious, wounded by incoming mortar round, Doctor from Ha Thanh is going to location Dust Off completed at 1120hrs. At 1120hrs Recon Platoon at Ha Thanh has additional casualties 1 Vietnamese KHA, 2 Vietnamese WHA, received 1 round as Dust Off departed, believed mortar position has been location and air strike called. At 1140hrs Brigade CO directed extraction of Recon Platoon from Ha Thanh Recon 3-1 Infantry at 1400hrs and Recon Platoon 1-20 Infantry on completion of 3-1 Infantry Recon. At 1803hrs both of 1-20 and 3-1 Infantry Recon elements extracted on 1 lift at 1803hrs on the way to LZ Dottie. At 1830hrs 1-20 Infantry TOC at 1828hrs Recon elements closed on LZ Dottie with Relay will be in on next lift.

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