Headquarters and Headquarter Company
February 25, 1968

Forward Area: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at LZ Thunder and will continued to work with ARVN units in their Area of Operations. At 2210hrs MACV Duc Pho Received a call from LT Bloom who stated that one of the Vietnamese Demo units reported that there was a 40 man VC element at BS804347. The VC element apparently knows there were American ambushes vicinity BS802350 and they planning on hitting 1 of these ambushes around 0400hrs to 0500hrs in the morning when they felt the Americans will be asleep. Note Bravo Company has ambushes in this area.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco. At 2058hrs Bronco Base Defense Bunker 21 reports explosion near bunker used light and engaged 1 individual possible KIA. Headquarter reports SP5 James R. White and SP4 Bruce N. Forman where attached to 67th Medical Evac (I believe Charlie Company medics).


Alpha Company
February 25, 1968

Alpha Company is extracted at with 1st Lift at 0802hrs and 4th Lift at 0837hrs to LZ Bronco. At 0910hrs Alpha Company is in the Battalion Area for 1st of the 20th Infantry, for their first Stand Down, for the Battalion as well as Alpha Company. It will be awhile before the next one.


Bravo Company
February 25, 1968

At 0804hrs Bravo Company at BS837366 found 1 81mm round Dud will destroy in place. At 0910hrs Bravo Company at BS837363 and at 1020hrs located at BS830363. At 1550hrs Bravo Company is at BS810357. At 1825hrs Bravo Company will established their Night Defense Position at BS838319 with LP at BS804375, BS839382, and BS835371. At 2015hrs Bravo Company also will have ambushes at BS797332 and BS805335.


Charlie Company
February 25, 1968

At 0831hrs Charlie Company have some men wounded at BS668909, ran into VC minefield, results 1 US KHA and 6 WHA and Dust Off is being called. Final Results: at 1005hrs 12 WHA and 1 KHA. It was not a known mined field, marked with home made sign dated February 9. All the Dust Off where WHA and sent to Chu Lai unit moving out of area. Wrap Up, Reports 1st explosion either 105 or 155 round, which caused a chain reaction, which caused a chain Reaction of approximately 6 more explosions. At 1130hrs Charlie Company vicinity BS692908 need a Dust Off for 2 US WHA Completed at 1150hrs. Colonel Baker said 2 Platoons are out of mined area other platoon swinging to the east out of the area, fell Charlie Company is out of Danger, no air lift is need, The last 2 evac where evac to Hospital Ship with Multiple Frag Wounds. At 1235hrs Charlie Company at BS692908, 1 man had hit booby trap at BS942908 and remainder of men where lifted out by Colonel Baker and his Command and Control Helicopter. Colonel Baker helicopter as they flew near the ground and pick up the men required 6 lifts, and Dust Off was completed at 1252hrs. At 1300hrs Charlie Company as Command and Control Helicopter received small arms fire and returned fire with negative results. At 1835hrs Charlie Company reports their Night Defense Position at BS677882 with ambushes at BS697888 and BS676877. PVT DONNELL BELL DOW, PFC GUSTAVO ROTGER JR, SP4 BOBBY WILSON LISTED AS KHA. 1LT Paul F. Blemings, SGT Kenneth N. Carlson, PFC Ora C Fuston, PFC Andrew C Rodgers and Larry M. Rogers attached to 2nd Surgical Hospital Chu Lai. SGT David M. Reed, SP4 John R Entrikan, SP4 Timothy G Todd, PFC DONNELL BELL, PFC Maurice Robinson, and Robert J. Van Leer Attached to USA Hospital Ship Sanctuary. Headquarters Company medics SP5 James R. White and SP4 Bruce N. Forman where attached to 67th Medical Evac.


Delta Company
February 25, 1968

Delta Company continued their Security Mission for LZ Thunder. Delta Company has night ambushes at BS838319, BS804375, BS839372 and BS835371.


Echo Company
February 25, 1968

Echo Company and 4.2 platoon where located on LZ Thunder to provide direct support to the Battalion. At 1550hrs Recon Platoon reports they are located at LZ Bronco. At 1600hrs Recon depart LZ Bronco at 1845hrs about dust, move out to the South toward Carentan, will have ambushes in vicinity hill 70, will Search and Destroy vicinity hill 70 of 26 February 1968. At 2130hrs Recon reports their location at BS845375 with ambushes at BS799341, BS778345 and BS780359. At 2200hrs Recon sprung ambush with results unknown, they observed light and muzzle flashes fire, returned fire, followed blood trails, found 1 claymore firing device at BS845365. At 2200hrs Recon platoon will remain for 2 hours and move to new location.

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