Headquarters and Headquarter Company
November 25, 1970

Forward Area: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at LZ Cork and will continued to work with ARVN units their Area of Operations in OPERATION VERNON LAKE II. At 2221hrs at BS404597 received 30 rounds of AK-47 called in artillery with unknown results at this time.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco. At 0950hrs 19 Engineer reports Road is open from LZ Bronco to LZ Dragon. At 1040hrs Charlie Company 39 Engineer reports road is open from LZ Dragon to Quang Ngai. At 1045hrs 3-1 Infantry Charlie Company reports 1 KHA and l WHA mine went off outside main gate at Duc Pho at BS809378, ton truck destroyed WHA reports (Died of wounds) at 1240hrs. At 1200hrs 19 Engineer the road is open from LZ Bronco to Bong Song, Charlie Company 3-1 Infantry reports KHA is PFC WILLERT ALLEN ELLISON and SGT FREDRICK BEN KING whom (Died of Wounds).


Alpha Company
November 25, 1970

At 1442hrs the Alpha Company reports their locations Alpha Company (-) is at BS485615, 136 at BS480610, 163 at BS485611, 167 at BS481610, 173 at BS492602 and with 177 at BS494607. Alpha Company continued their Search and Clear operations.


Bravo Company
November 25, 1970

Bravo Company will continue their Security Mission for LZ Cork.


Charlie Company
November 25, 1970

At 0945hrs Charlie Company at BS439657 engaged 4 VC evading and received return fire, negative hits, and negative results. At 1030hrs Charlie Company reports their location at BS435652, 133 at BS434646 and 163 at BS437652. At 1055hrs Charlie Company at BS440661 observed 4 VC evading wearing different uniforms, CIA 5 Packs of rice, 230 pounds of rice each and 1 carbine magazine, packs was tan in color. At 1422hrs Charlie Company reports their location Charlie (-) at BS435653, 133 at BS434647 and 173 at BS440659.


Delta Company
November 25, 1970

Delta Company at 1020hrs BS407621 made contact with 2 VC negative results. At 1030hrs Delta Company reports their location Delta (-) at BS407623 with D 173 at BS412593. At 1040hrs Delta Company at BS406598 engage 3 VC appear to be rearguard of trail party, CIA 1 AK-47 following blood trail. Following blood trail found place where man stopped to bandage himself. Trail appears to be leading to where the large Weapons cache was found. At 1425hrs BS409598 Delta Company found a base camp containing an 800 pounds unpolished rice and 25lbs salt cache which they destroyed. Delta Company reports their Night Defense Position location BS404594. At 1730hrs Delta Company reports closed on their Night Defense Position at BS404594.


Echo Company
November 25, 1970

Echo Company is located at LZ Cork where Battalion Forward is and coordinates with the Battalion Rear Elements and Base Defense elements on LZ Cork. The 4.2 Platoon is located on LZ Cork where they continue to provide direct fire support for the (1-20 Infantry Battalion). At 1030hrs Recon Platoon reports their location at BS498597. At 1130hrs Recon Platoon at BS497597 engaged 3 VC with weapons, wearing gray shirts and shorts, moving north negative results. At 1730hrs Recon Platoon reports their Night Defense Position at BS489597.

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