Headquarters and Headquarter Company
October 27, 1970

Forward Area: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at LZ Liz and will continued to work with ARVN units in their Area of Operations. At 0950hrs 1-20 Infantry Area of Operation extension to B82 Date/Time/Grid ASAP to 292400hrs, from BS7640 along 40 grid line to 4-21 Infantry Area of Operation boundary south to BS793310 to BS7731, Approved by CPT Parker. At 1035hrs Following Area of Operation Extension is approved BS6452 to BS6752 to BS6749 to BS6449 Date/Time/Grid 270600hrs to 012400hrs November number B 86 approved by CPT Khan. At 1345hrs AMC on Station for Combat Assault of Alpha Company Battalion Commander departed LZ Liz. 1 PZ 1305hrs 1 LZ BS758402, 2 PZ 1330hrs 2 LZ at BS746417, 3 PZ 1410hrs 3LZ at BS746417, 4 PZ 1430hrs 4 LZ BS767507, 5 PZ 1450hrs 5 LZ at BS730415 Combat Assault is completed at 1515hrs Birds are released and Battalion Commander returns to LZ Liz. At 1350hrs Request Area of Operation extension Date/Time/Grid 290001hrs to 302400hrs October 1970 from BS690600 to BS650600 to BS650590 to BS650574 to BS640550 to BS705550 north along railroad berm to start the Purpose to Support Mo Duc Surge Operation. At 2130hrs TMF Fire Mission time called 2125hrs String 72 Target B Stationary personnel with metal confirmation, negative clearance due to friendly. Legend 1st Platoon 03-08, 2nd Platoon 53-58, 3rd Platoon 83-88, 4th Platoon 63-68 and CO 02.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco. At 2030hrs Message from Mo Duc concerning accident on Highway 1 on 261630hrs October 1970 at grid BS729551, it was caused by American driver name Jack Johnson. Jeep ran from Duc Pho north reached location and hit lambretta number 3248, Driver Nauyxn-Tinh hit from behind driving same direction resulting 1 passenger being injured by name of Nguyen Van Lan age 63, was sent to hospital by road.


Alpha Company
October 27, 1970

At 0835hrs Alpha Company had Primo helicopter made a Dust Off for 1 US who hit a booby trap with multiple frag to back, booby trap was a wire release device made with a hand frag grenade on a trail. Dust Off completed at 0840hrs (SP4 Kelly) found another like it 10 away (US Frag trip wire and blown in Place). At 1345hrs Alpha Company fist Pick Up 1305hrs and the 5th LZ at 1500hrs location BS730415 Alpha Company Combat Assault. At 1440hrs Alpha Company request one Priority Dust Off for 1 US with blood Poisoning, Line # S1163 at grid BS748413 Dust Off completed at 1450hrs. At 1440hrs grid BS763507, while covering final extraction of Alpha Company spotted at least 3 personnel duck into brush, all were carrying packs. Alpha Company the 53 element is inserted at suspect location one female age 25 broke from the area and tried to flee across flooded area, but was captured by Command and Control helicopter. The 53 element search uncovered 2 females hiding in brush with a pack, signs of booby trap wee everywhere element heard noise and used Recon by fire. In search they came across male age 35 who subsequently died (1 VC KIA) further search of packs revealed 1 M-26 hand grenade, flashlight with documents hidden inside, clothing and about pound of documents. Mo Duc District Chief identified individual all members of Duc Thuan Village Committee. The two detainees and pound of documents was to be extracted to Fire Support Bronco. At 1927hrs Alpha Company reports locations 83 at BS750406, 86 at BS750404, 53 at BS729414, BS730417 and BS748412. Alpha Company reports SP4 Michael T. Kelly sent to B 23 Medial with frag wound back and right arm and SGT BOBBY J. PARRIS (DIED OF WOUNDS LISTED AS KIA) to Chu Lai GRP Traumatic Lost leg at the knee.


Bravo Company
October 27, 1970

Bravo Company will continue their Security Mission for LZ Liz.


Charlie Company
October 27, 1970

At 0825hrs Charlie Company requests a Urgent Dust Off for 1 US who hit a booby trap at grid BS753621, multiple frag wounds to both legs. Booby Trap was a pressure device made with 155mm round on a trail. Dust Off was completed at 0838hrs SP4 Parris died in Chu Lai. At 0835hrs Charlie Company has 1 routine Dust Off for 1 US who had a ruptured ear drum from Booby trap explosion of 0825hrs at grid BS753621. Line #082 SGT Cole, Dust Off completed at 0920hrs. At 0915hrs Charlie Company Kit Carson Scout found 2 more booby trap at grid BS753621. 1 was a can of Petna, 1 was a 155 round. Both were pressure release and on a trail were not blown due to lack of explosives, Both booby traps were weather worn and had been there for quite awhile. At 1045hrs Charlie Company at grid BS758618 found a trail marking consisting of arrow pointing south nailed to a tree with 2 half moons- one opening to west and 1 opening to the north. Kit Carson Scout said it was for Vietnamese females meaning it was safe to the south and there were booby traps to the west and north will make a copy and back haul it to LZ Liz. At 1847hrs Charlie Company reports 03 at BS760610 and 06 at BS760616 with Charlie 02, 83 and 63 in their location at BS759620. SGT Dwight Cole was evac to B 23 Medical with frag wound left hand and temporary lose of hearing and SGT BOBBY J. PARRIS (DIED OF WOUNDS LISTED AS KIA) to Chu Lai GRP COD Traumatic Amputation lost Left leg at the knee.


Delta Company
October 27, 1970

Delta Company continued to conduct Multiple Patrolling in their Area of Operation. At 0740hrs Delta Company the 53 element is at BS740569, 03 at BS727585 and 56 at BS742568. At 0805hrs Delta Company 02, 63 and 83 in location at BS8753558. At 0925hrs Delta Company reports 85 moving to BS751556, 66 moving to BS727587 and 56 to BS753558. At 1050hrs Delta Company 85 and 06 is at BS753558 with 55 moving to BS745569. At 1420hrs Delta Company 83 element found 650 pounds of rice stashed under a false floor in hootch. There was 6 100 pounds burlap bags full, in good condition, this years crop, locally grown unpolished, bags unmarked and the hole they were in was wrapped in plastic found at grid BS753558 will back haul. Also found 1 point impact fuse 1 wide thread believed to be fuse off large Artillery round. Had Numerals 100-340-67 484 will back haul. At 1600hrs Delta Company at grid BS753558 found one spider hole at ground level 4 behind a family bunker. It was covered with a thatch roof for water protection. The opening was 18" square and had a door that fit the opening perfect, inside 4 back was a room 6 X 6 X 3 1/2 with reinforced bamboo wall, air vents (2). Inside were 2 VC rucksacks made out of US poncho liners, 1 mos net, 1 US flashlight, 1 VC hammock, 1 wallet, 1 M-26 grenade and some documents will back haul to LZ. At 1915hrs Delta Company all elements in locations Command Post at BS756553, 53 at BS742569 and 03 at BS72458.


Echo Company
October 27, 1970

Echo Company headquarters and 4.2 Mortar Platoon is location on LZ Liz, where the 4.2 Platoon providing direct fire support for the Battalion. Echo Company Headquarters has the coordination responsibility for Base Defense. At 0800hrs Recon Platoon reports their location on LZ Snoopy. At 1057hrs Recon Platoon reports their location at LZ Liz.

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