Headquarters and Headquarter Company
May 28, 1968

Forward Area 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at LZ Ross for Operation WHEELER-WALLOWA and are OPCON to the 196th Light Infantry Brigade. Alpha Company 3-31 Infantry is sweeping south crossed the Area of Operation boundary and becomes OPCON to 1-20 Infantry.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco. Delayed Entry at 2325hrs LZ Bronco received 8 to 10 satchel charges on perimeter. Attacks were against refugee camp on north part of LZ Bronco.


Alpha Company
May 28, 1968

Alpha Company continued to conduct a Sweep and Clear operation in their Area of Operation and working in the grid AT9931. At 0745hrs Alpha Company vicinity AT993314 received 3 rounds of sniper fire 600 meters from the northwest and returned fire with unknown results with negative casualties. At 1150hrs Alpha Company received sniper fire resulting in 1 US WHA (M). Alpha Company reports that SP4 Pana Konstantakis was attached to NSA Hospital DA Nang with gunshot wound of leg.


Bravo Company
May 28, 1968

Bravo Company continued their Security Mission for LZ Ryder and will be conducting local Security Patrols in their Area of Operation along with local OP.


Charlie Company
May 28, 1968

Charlie Company has the Security Mission for LZ Ross with responsibility for keep Road open. Charlie Company has 1 platoon swept west of LZ Ross and returned. At 1316hrs Convoy going to LZ Ross departing at this time and closed on LZ Ross at 1417hrs. At 1630hrs Convoy is departing LZ Ross and closed on LZ Baldy at 1731hrs. PFC Richard W. Wyatt was evac to NSA Hospital Da Nang.


Delta Company
May 28, 1968

Delta Company continued their Search and Destroy operation in their Area of Operation. Sweeping west to AT9730 and at 0955hrs Delta Company at AT981366 observed and engaged 2 VC with web gear and weapons evading southwest reports 2 VC KIA and 2 AK 47 CIA and the serial numbers were #10069047 and #11042952. Delta Company reports their Night Defense Position at AT975345. At 1206hrs Delta Company at AT968352 found a 60mm round booby trap in the center of a trail, destroyed in place. At 1510hrs found a booby trap (coke can full of powder, pull type firing device with trip wire) no marking or warning device and blown in place.


Echo Company
May 28, 1968

Echo Company is located at LZ Ross where Battalion Forward, is located and coordinates with the Battalion Rear Elements and the Base Defense on LZ Ross. The 4.2 Platoon is located on LZ Ross where they continue to provide direct fire support for the Battalion. 1-20 Infantry Recon Platoon reports they have manned and maintained OP at BT0437 and AT9931. Delay entry At 2301hrs Recon at 04373 received 8 to 10 rounds of small arms fire and about 15 minutes later received 8 rounds of fire and observed 11 VC through Star Light scope, no casualties.

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