Headquarters and Headquarter Company
April 29, 1968

Forward Area 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at LZ Ross for Operation WHEELER-WALLOWA and are OPCON to the 198th Light Infantry Brigade. At 2340hrs 1-20 Infantry at LZ Ross reports they receiving 2 rounds inside perimeter, with negative casualties.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco. At 0902hrs Delta Company 19th Engineers Road from bronco south is closed until further notice, had several by passes blown last night.


Alpha Company
April 29, 1968

Alpha Company continued their Search and Clear operation in their Area of Operations.


Bravo Company
April 29, 1968

Bravo Company continued to use their Search and Clear operations in their Area of Operations. At 1040hrs Bravo Company 26 located one mine at coordinates BT044364, blew it in place, results was one crater 3 diameter and 1 deep. At 1040hrs Bravo Company 26, at BT041360, one Vietnamese brought a 105 dud to them. Paid him 200 P and will blow it in place.


Charlie Company
April 29, 1968

Charlie Company continued to use their Search and Clear operations in their Area of Operations. At 1040hrs Charlie Company located freshly evac bunkers at vicinity AT964353 along streambed and presently checking out area. Results 2 bunkers will be destroyed before Alpha Company departs the area. At 1355hrs Charlie Company vicinity AT999359 made contact with 9 individuals received 7 rounds small arms fire and have 1 WHA (M) will adjust artillery and 81mm mortar fire in return.


Delta Company
April 29, 1968

Delta Company continued their Search and Clear operations in their Area of Operation. At 0230hrs Delta Company at AT997337 one person on guard heard movement to front, engaged results 1 US WHA by M-16 with sucking chest wound, Dust Off completed at 0300hrs at BS997337. At 1145hrs Delta Company 10 engaged 1 VC running, and engaged with 1 VC KIA about 26 years old. At 1511hrs Delta Company received 2-3 rounds small arms fire from AT977354, negative casualties and negative results. SGT Carlos E. Grossi attached to NSA Hospital Da Nang with gunshot wounds at 0300hrs.


Echo Company
April 29, 1968

Echo Company is located at LZ Ross where Battalion Forward is located and coordinates with the Battalion Rear Elements and the Base Defense or LZ Ross. The 4.2 Platoon is located on LZ Ross where they continue to provide direct fire support for the Battalion. Recon Platoon 10 at OP Cobra at BT049383 reported receiving 1 hand grenade from east and at 0100hrs received 3 more hand grenades, with negative casualties and results. 1-20 Infantry Recon Platoon manned OP Tiger, Cobra and Dragon. At 0820hrs Recon at BT002383 engaged 2 VC who refused to halt with small arms fire with result 1 VC KIA. At 1105hrs Recon 10 received 11 to 15 rounds automatic weapons fire, saw 1 Vietnamese and engaged with negative results.

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