Assuming Operational Control

Headquarters and Headquarter Company
January 2, 1968

Forward Area: Headquarters Company (Forward) is setting up at LZ Thunder, which becomes the Tactical Operation Center for the Sykesí Regulars. As the 1-20 Infantry Tactical Operation Center takes control of their Area of Operations and begins their Combat Operations in Vietnam at 0910hrs January 2, 1968. The 11th Brigade has taken over the control of the 3rd Brigade 4th Infantry Division as they now taken over the Muscatine Area of Operation at 0900hrs. The Medical Platoon and Battalion Doctor, sets up the Battalion Aid Station and begins to set up the Medical Operations to support the Battalion Operations at both LZ Thunder and LZ Bronco Battalion Rear. At 0602hrs 0840hrs the Commanding General is on way to 1-20 Infantry Operation Area of Operation. At 0900hrs 11th Brigade called Americal Division we took control for Area of Operation at 0900 also informed 3rd Brigade 4th Infantry Division.  At 1050hrs Major Davidson called the 1-20 Infantry and asked if they were operational affirm at 0910hrs. At 1247hrs 1-20 Infantry called sending 3 VC suspects in to LZ Living end and requests the Military police to received suspects.  At 1415hrs 1-20 Infantry reports that all elements have closed on their new location by 1415hrs. At 2100hrs 1-20 Infantry CPT McDonald 1-20 Infantry was informed by Major Davidson on the 0300hrs operation by the RF Company from 883345 west 863340 northwest to 855344 north 856365 east 867369.  

Rear Area: Headquarters Company (Rear) Moving into LZ Bronco and setting up their Rear Area location on the south side of LZ Bronco. Headquarters Rear Battalion Medical Platoon set up a Aid Station and setting to support Battalion (Forward) and taking on some of the Med. Cap operations in their Duc Pho Area of Operations.


Alpha Company
January 2, 1968

Alpha Company finished closing on LZ THUNDER the new Tactical Operation Center for the 1st Battalion 20th Infantry by 1415hrs. Alpha Company is taking over the Security Mission for LZ Thunder and putting the Fire Support Base into shape for the Battalion Command Center. And at 0900hrs Alpha Company with the 1st Battalion 20th Infantry joined the Americal Division Combat military operations and took over control of the Duc Pho Area of Operations from the 3rd Battalion 4th Infantry Division as they moved north to assume control of the Muscatine Area of Operation at 1545hrs.


Bravo Company
January 2, 1968

0850hrs Bravo Company 1st element touch down at 0851hrs-LZ cold, 0900hrs reported we took control of Area of Operation also informed 3th Brigade 4 Infantry Division who was moving out of the Area of Operations.  At 0901hrs 2 element 0904hrs, 0914hrs 3 element 1915hrs Combat Assault completed. At 1650hrs Bravo Company discovered 2,000 pounds of rice vicinity of LZ. At 1610hrs Bravo Company reports 5 or 6 women carrying 200 pounds of Salt vicinity of 915285 notified S-2, informed to detain salt and turn over to proper authorities in S-5.  Bravo Company Night Lager Position vicinity BS906285. At 1930hrs spotted a boat approx 300 meters off shore coordinates BS921289 shinning a red light approximately 30 seconds.


Charlie Company
January 2, 1968

The 1-20 Infantry takes over the Area of Operation from the 3rd Brigade 4th Infantry Division and as Charlie Company prepares for their Combat Assault tomorrow they still have the Security Mission for LZ Carentan. The 3rd Brigade 4th Infantry Division assumed the control of Muscatine Area of Operation.


Delta Company
January 2, 1968

1st Battalion 20th Infantry takes over from 3-4 Infantry. Division Area of Operations at 0910hrs Battalion Tactical Operation Center is at LZ Thunder. Delta Company located at LZ Charlie Brown and key bridges near Sa Huynh their Area of Operation and leaving a platoon available for Search and Destroy operations. Training period is over the 1st Battalion 20th Infantry and Delta Company is now in the game and training has moved to (On the Job) Training. All the training help but for the next month of On The Job Training is need to turn the 1st Battalion 20th Infantry into a confident combat outfit.


Echo Company
January 2, 1968

Echo Company headquarters and 4.2 Mortar Platoon is location on LZ Thunder where The Echo Company Commander is moving to LZ Thunder to coordinate the move and checked to coordinate the security plan and help improve it. The 4.2 Mortar Platoon is providing direct fire support for the Battalion. Recon Platoon continued their Security Mission for LZ Thunder and is working off of LZ Living End. PFC John C. Vigil was attached to 67th Evac Hospital.


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