Headquarters and Headquarter Company
August 30, 1968

Forward Area: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at LZ Thunder and will continued to work with ARVN units in their Area of Operations. At 0150hrs 1-20 Infantry vicinity BS831337, advised the Vietnamese north of his location are in heavy contact with unknown size VC force. Fire being received from BS828331, sent flare ship to that location PF have 2 WHA, RDC have 3 WHA and 1 KHA. At 0150hrs E Troop on bridge 104 at BS885288 PF at Bridge 104 are in heavy contact, E Troop has received approximately 40 rounds small arms fire with E Troop will assist PF and firing stopped approximately 0210hrs with negative casualties, checked area in morning with negative results. At 0211hrs MACV Duc Pho reports VC Mortar positions BS863308, BS821328 and BS830330, BS828331 firing on PF requests artillery be fired on these locations. At 0215hrs MACV at BS822368 reports PF ambush at BS817364 is receiving a few rounds small arms fire, also APC on Bridge 111 is receiving small arms fire. At 0200hrs Delta Company 19 Engineer at BS867316 perimeter received approximately 3 rounds of mortar, negative casualties called in support and returned fire. At 0830hrs 1-20 Infantry reports Charlie Company 19 Engineer at BS916166 mine sweep team found 3 rounds 1 105 and 2 4.2 were wired together and hidden under some dirt clods. Also at BS917174 found some more dirt clods checked them out and found 2 4.2 rounds in each hole wired together. There were about 5 holes with 2 4.2 rounds in each, will take rounds back to LZ Lowboy. At 0852hrs Delta Company at BS883303 mine sweep team found pile of sand with pieces of metal buried beneath them by a village south of bridge 105, metal was dug up and mine sweep continued. At 1145hrs 11th Brigade to 1-20 Infantry be prepared to assume control of entire Duc Pho Area of Operations on order today and move your Recon Platoon to the east back toward the highway. At 1330hrs 1-20 Infantry request permission to coordinate with E Troop and get 2 APC moving into position to secure PZ for Bravo Company 1-20 Infantry. At 1615hrs Division TOC reports Alpha Battery 6-11 Artillery has departed Chu Lai for LZ Dragon. At 2038hrs E Troop at BS884273 observed 3-4 lights moving northeast toward Delta Company ambush has under observation and will engage when in range. At 2103hrs 1-20 Infantry TOC at BS887295 PF on bridge 104 reported to APC that there is a VC company in the area. The VC were yelling to PF, to come over and fight for them response with 12 rounds of Artillery in to area with negative assessment.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco.


Alpha Company
August 30, 1968

At 0751hrs Alpha Company is located at BS789381. At 2015hrs Alpha Company is at their Night Defense Position at BS798373 with 21 BS789373, 22 BS794370, 23 BS794363, 31 BS802361, 32 BS801355 and 33 at BS806354.


Bravo Company
August 30, 1968

At 0750hrs Bravo Company is located at BS806304. At 2015hrs Bravo Company is moving into their Night Defense Position at BS844327.


Charlie Company
August 30, 1968

Charlie Company continued their Security Mission for LZ Thunder. At 0030hrs LZ Thunder Bunker received 1 incoming hand grenade and fired illumination with negative assessment. I US WHA with very minor, frag wounds not Dusted Off. At 0155hrs Bravo Battery 6-11 Artillery received 15 rounds 82mm mortars at BS855310 10 rounds impacted outside of perimeter. At 0730hrs at Charlie Company at BS856310 in checking out the area of suspected mortar rounds found 2 82mm rounds, Chi Com made. At 2015hrs Charlie Company at LZ Thunder, Bonnie at BS761354 and Clyde at BS880228.


Delta Company
August 30, 1968

Delta Company continued their Security Mission for LZ Charlie Brown. At 0610hrs Delta Company at BS934257 observed 4-5 VC trying to evade engaged results 2 VC KIA and 1 VCS CIA, I was carrying OD trousers with White shirt, 1 all white, 1 CIA wearing white trousers with purple shirt. The 2 KIA are 20-25, 1 CIA 39 no ID, Delta Company will evac to LZ Bronco. Delta Company at BS921257 and at 1145hrs Brigade S-3 to 1-20 Infantry: Be prepared to assume control of entire Duc Pho Area of Operation on order today. Move your Recon east back toward the Highway 1. At 2015hrs Delta Company locations 10 at LZ Charlie Brown, 21 at BS927258, 22 at BS914257, 23 at BS914248, 30 and Command Post at BS888268, 32 at BS905266, 35 at BS885280. At 2038hrs E Troop at BS884273 observed 3-4 lights at BS884273, moving northeast toward Delta Company ambush under observation and engaged when in range. At 2103hrs at BS887295, PF on Bridge 104 reported to APC that there is a VC company in area, and VC are yelling to PF to come over and fight for them and fired 12 rounds of Artillery into with negative assessment. SP4 Robert A, Cable was sick and evac and attached to the 67th Evac Hospital at 0800hrs. SP4 Benjamin J. Banks was sick and at 0800hrs evac and attached to the 27th Surgical Hospital.


Echo Company
August 30, 1968

Echo Company is located at LZ Thunder where Battalion Forward is and coordinates with the Battalion Rear Elements and Base Defense elements on LZ Thunder. The 4.2 Platoon is located on LZ Thunder where they continue to provide direct fire support for the (1-20 Infantry Battalion). At 1028hrs 1-20 Infantry TOC Recon Platoon at BS749317 point man walked into 2 VC. They fired 1 round at him, point man returned fire with results 1 VC KIA, 1 AK-47 CIA also 1 pistol belt, small arms ammo pouch, hammock inside and 6 rounds AK-44 ammo CIA. The 2 VC where wearing Khakis, one KIA with one VC has evaded to the southwest. At 1404hrs Recon Platoon at BS747315 received 4 rounds from the rear of their element it is the same area where they killed the VC this morning. They saw dragging marks, where something was dragged away they believe they were shot at by the VC carrying party.

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