Assuming Operational Control

Headquarters and Headquarter Company
January 3, 1968

Forward Area: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at LZ Thunder and will continued to work with ARVN units in their Area of Operations and continued to work on improving the defense positions. Headquarters personnel is working to establish communications with surrounding forces (ARVN Units), MACV personnel, National Police and Special Forces Mike Force lead by Australian Special Forces advisors in Area between Charlie Brown and our Area of Operations. At 1415hrs 1-20 Infantry reported, to Alpha Company 1-20 Infantry that 100 NVA soldiers armed with AK47ís and mortars are located at Dien Truong (1) on highway 1 (BS885386) unit identified as 2nd Company 306 Battalion. 1-20 Infantry requested Gun Ships for use in the area. At 0210hrs E Troop vicinity of Bridge 110, report receiving 30 to 40 rounds of automatic weapons fire. It was thought to be coming from LZ Bronco negative results from check. Gray Fox 65 informed of this. At 1437hrs S-3 Air says gun ships have been diverted and en route to 1-20 Infantry. At 1300hrs 1-20 Infantry VCS was apprehended vicinity BS905294. At 1600hrs Major Smith Duc Pho advisor called requested US to get the Mike Force Commander up to his 1-20 Infantry Colonel Beers ASAP 1 of his people shot and killed his Command and Control helicopter is bring up Demo Man. At 2150hrs 1-20 Infantry reported at 2144hrs 1 claymore mine was detonated, a search of the area fail to find any bodies.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco. At 1110hrs the 6th Military Police reports vehicle accident south of LZ Thunder 11th Brigade vehicle ran into rear of vehicle of 3rd Brigade 4 Infantry Division, the 11 Brigade vehicle disable no casualties and 6 Support Battalion will pick up vehicle.


(Activity of Americal Division Area of Operation in I Corp January 3, 1968 beginning at 0137hrs the 2nd NVA Division initiated attacks on the Americal Division). LZ Ross was first hit at0137hrs by mortar and recoilless fire, followed by a ground attack. At 0150hrs LZ Leslie was attached with mortar and recoilless fire, followed by a ground attack. At 0150hrs LZ Leslie was attacked with mortars and recoilless rifle fire. About 0300hrs the enemy penetrated the southwest corner of LZ Leslie but they were soon killed. At approximately 0230hrs LZ Colt and LZ Baldy were hit with mortar and recoilless rifle fire. LZ West was attached in the initiate at 0249hrs with hand grenades and then at 0347hrs with 60mm mortar fire. Spooky was committed to LZ Leslie at 0200hrs along with flare ships. At 0250hrs Han Duc vicinity AT889713 received a mortar and ground attack. At the same time Di Hoc at AT949579, Que Son at BT022346 and Duc Duc at At873467 were also under small arms fire and ground attacks.


Alpha Company
January 3, 1968

At 1415hrs PF reported, to Alpha Company 1-20 Infantry. That 100 NVA soldiers armed with AK-47ís and mortars are located at Dien Truong (1) on Highway (BS885286) unit identified 2nd Co 306 Battalion. 1-20 Infantry called for Gun ships for use in area identified above. At 1655hrs Alpha Company no change, working on LZ Thunder and Security Mission for the LZ.


Bravo Company
January 3, 1968

At 1050hrs Bravo Company grid BS884326 found hut with bottle of blood plasma, several blankets, and numerous rounds blank ammo occupied by one old women-searching Area. At 1300hrs the VC Suspect apprehended ID card does not match individual vicinity BS905294. Receive report of 100 NVA soldiers armed with AK-47 and mortars are located at Dien Truong Unit identified as 2nd Company, 306 Battalion. At 1437hrs S3 Air says gun ships have been diverted and en route to 1-20 Infantry. At 1530hrs, Bravo Company in the village, 1 evading VC suspect is wounded and Dust Off called in. Gun-ships are available if need. Conduct a search of the village area, only thing found was lack of personnel in area and a trench line, was found which would make a good defense line. Bravo Company set up their Night Lager Position at BS889291.


Charlie Company
January 3, 1968

At 0735hrs Charlie Company 1-20 Infantry 1st lift in apparently cold LZ at 0730hrs and completed the Combat Assault at 0808hrs with the 3rd lift on third lift on the ground. At 1040hrs Charlie Company found small temporary living quarters with 1 entrenching tool at BS798282. Charlie Company has the Security Mission of LZ Charlie Brown and at 1155hrs Charlie Company continued on their Search and Destroy operation to BS796276.


Delta Company
January 3, 1968

Delta Company location at again with 2 platoons have the Security Mission for key Bridges in their Area of Operation and one platoon to conduct Search and Destroy operations west of LZ Charlie Brown.


Echo Company
January 3, 1968

Echo Company continued their operations on LZ Thunder and Headquarter works with Battalion Staff to improve the conditions and security of the LZ Thunder. The 4.2 Platoon continued to provide their direct support to the 1st Battalion 20th Infantry. Recon Platoon at continued to provide security for the Battalion Headquarters, and establish their home base on LZ Thunder. Recon Platoon works with and makes arrangements for operations with the 52 Military Intelligence at Duc Pho. At 1042hrs Recon element picked up 100 Mariana cigarettes, 20 bottles of misc medicine and boxes, 2 apparently VC flags 1 with yellow star and purple yell background and a VC pay voucher.

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