Headquarters and Headquarter Company
September 3, 1968

Forward Area: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at LZ Thunder and will continued to work with ARVN units in their Area of Operations. At 0745hrs Delta Company 19 Engineer at BS882307 mine sweep south Dust Off a Vietnamese women and baby from north of bridge 105. Women had serious shrapnel wounds and baby died at birth. At 1431hrs MACV Duc Pho Delta Company 19 Engineer has received a report from Vietnamese that 2 US are on bridge 104 and have been shot. 1-20 Infantry Command and Control Helicopter made Dust OFF of WHA. The US were from Delta Company 19 Engineer, were in 10 ton truck that got ambushed with small arms fire and hand grenades. At 1815hrs Military Police gun jeep moving south on highway 1 received small arms fire at BS752502, also 4 M-79 rounds from huts, on both sides of road with negative casualties and returned fire with unknown results.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco.


Alpha Company
September 3, 1968

At 0829hrs Alpha Company location is at BS778383. At 1226hrs Alpha Company at BS781399 found 12 M-16 magazines containing 70 rounds, 1 (M-79) round and 1 VC pistol belt all hidden in a hedgerow. At 1332hrs Alpha Company also found 1 French 9mm magazine loaded with ammo, 4 NVA shirts, 1 60mm round, 1 VC gas mask and assorted US clothing. At 1835hrs Alpha Company location 20 Command Post Night Defense Position is at BS778384 all snakes, 11 BS776388, 12 BS782398, 13 BS786393, 31 BS775380, 32 BS777377 and 33 BS787380.


Bravo Company
September 3, 1968

At 0824hrs Bravo Company is located at BS8713431. At 1835hrs Bravo Company all element in Night Defense Position at BS850350. At 1910hrs while they were moving to ambush position, received 10 rounds of AK 47 fire at the same time two Mines set off a Command detonated mine, results 2 US WHA and 1 US KHA were Dust Off. Also had 3 US slightly wounded frag wounds. There were 3 command-detonated mines. All 3 left 4 X 4 X 4 craters. Commo wire lead from one hole to another believed to have been set off with a claymore generator Mines though to have been 4.2 mortar rounds. At 2045hrs Bravo Company at BS868346 engaged hootch with hand grenades and M-79 observed secondary explosion results 8 VC KIA. It appeared they were on their way to a tunnel found near hut and will check the tunnel in morning, they were wearing black PJ. LT STEVEN JAMES RIGGS LISTED AS KHA. SP4 Keith H. Kolozie awarded Purple Heart.


Charlie Company
September 3, 1968

Charlie Company continued their Security Mission for LZ Thunder and at 0829hrs Charlie Company 30 is at BS866304 and the LRRP no change. Charlie Company at 0855hrs at BS863297 found 1 US type 60mm mortar round in a hedgerow blew in place. At 1835hrs Charlie Company at LZ Thunder with exception 12 BS880280 and 2 LRRP list post Niagra at BS767318 and 1 Ohio at BS842252.


Delta Company
September 3, 1968

Delta Company continued their Security Mission for LZ Charlie Brown and at 0829hrs LRRP Farmer and Texas no change Delta Company is at BS892211, at 0955hrs Texas is at BS823296. At 1835hrs Delta Company Command Position and 10 is at BS908208, 21 at Bridge 94, and 20 at LZ Charlie Brown, the 30 snake at BS891214 and the 35 snake is at BS884203. SGT James L. Teague was sick and at 0900hrs was evac to the 67th Evac Hospital and attached to it.


Echo Company
September 1968

Echo Company is located at LZ Thunder where Battalion Forward is and coordinates with the Battalion Rear Elements and Base Defense elements on LZ Thunder. The 4.2 Platoon is located on LZ Thunder where they continue to provide direct fire support for the (1-20 Infantry Battalion). At 0800hrs Recon Platoon reports their location at BS807283 and at 0955hrs at BS808277.

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