Headquarters and Headquarter Company
December 4, 1970

Forward Area: (1-20 Infantry Headquarters) is located at LZ Liz and will continue to work with ARVN units in their Area of Operations. At 0435hrs MACV Mo Duc requested Urgent Dust Off vicinity BS751641 for 1 RF WIA litter patient with broken leg and hand, also received in a mortar attack at approximately 0400hrs. At 0805hrs Primo 4 is on station for Command and Control Helicopter. . At 1000hrs Shark 6 vicinity BS677584 spotted 1 person wearing brown shirt and black pants, carrying an AK 47 and was evading along the Song Ve River. Shark 6 engaged and killed him. At 1400hrs Warlord is on station for Combat Assault. At 1530hrs S-4 Resupply ship vicinity BS763573 took 2 round of sniper fire, nearest friendly element was Alpha Company 1st Platoon. At 1620hrs Warlord Visual Recon of the area revealed negative enemy present however it appears there has been recent movement through the area also in addition was 1 concrete-bunker in vicinity BS675592, partly destroyed, had been lived in recently. At 1625hrs Warlord and Gun LOH vicinity BS677584 could not find Shark 6 KIA, did spot 1 Vietnamese male dressed in green uniform. Inserted the animals, snatched individual, checked area, and found only elderly females. The male detained was 69 years old and was released as the Animals were extracted and upon extraction 1 ship with male detainee was 69 years old and was released. The Animals extracted at 1420hrs and upon extraction 1 ship had a high frequency tail rooter, upon extraction 1 ship had a high frequency tail rooter and requiring it to shut down on LZ Dragon at 1500hrs. Warlord control notified that their fuel was contaminated and they would have to return to Duc Pho to check their fuel tanks. At 1750hrs Q Company vicinity BS700599 found 2 M-26 hand frag and 1 rounds unknown type, 8" long and 1 " in diameter tapered to a point. Net set up so as Booby trap and look like they had been than 1 day, destroyed in place. At 1831hrs Eagle Flight began at 1335hrs from LZ Liz, 1. PZ 1410hrs BS782590 Blue, 2nd PZ at 1700hrs BS736615 Charlie 3rd Platoon, at 1st LZ 1705hrs BS756714 Charlie 3rd, 3rd PZ 1710hrs BS736615 Charlie 2nd PZ 1715hrs BS762602 Charlie 3rd Platoon, 3rd LZ 1730hrs BS759570 Blues, 4th PZ 1740hrs BS776560 Alpha 2nd, 4th LZ 1745hrs Alpha 2nd , 5th PZ 1750hrs BS776560 Alpha 2nd, 5 PZ 1755hrs BS766568 Alpha 2nd. At 2024hrs 1-20 Infantry Intelligence received from MACV Mo Duc they rated it as B-2, passed to Brigade at 042010hrs. The 20 VC will move from BS740608 south across the Red Mountain through BS745584, BS744580 and BS740577. 10 of these VC are reported to have been wounded by the Aerial Scouts into BS731600. We are reacting to this intelligence by ambushing BS745585, BS744580 and BS740577. VC are reported to be moving to the mountains. At 2324hrs Q Company IOS spotted 2 personnel vicinity BS685611, then picked up a stationary target, requested fire mission and engaged with 18 HE and 2 WP rounds105 Artillery. Legend; 1st Platoon 02-07, 2nd Platoon 92-97, 3rd Platoon 52-57, 4th Platoon 21-37 and CO 08.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco.


Alpha Company
December 4, 1970

Alpha Company continued in their heavy Patrolling of their Area of Operations. At 0948hrs Alpha Company 2nd Platoon patrol checkpoint 2 vicinity BS780558, 3rd Platoon patrol is at checkpoint 2 vicinity BS773546. At 1120hrs Alpha Company 1st Platoon on patrol vicinity BS753576 found 1 smoke grenade firing device, hidden in a can inside a hootch and a trip flare firing device hidden, inside a rice bin in a hootch. Both device had been fired, a woman living in one of the hootch has been detained. She was sent to Mo Duc. At 1530hrs S-4 Resupply ship vicinity BS763573 took 2 rounds of sniper fire, nearest friendly element was Alpha Company 1st Platoon 1st Platoon. At 1740hrs Combat Assault 2nd Platoon and 1st Platoon completed at 1755hrs. At 1940hrs Alpha Company Command Post, 1st Platoon, 4th Platoon at BS747580hrs 2nd Platoon at BS776567, 1st Platoon BS744580,and ambush BS740577. At 2045hrs Alpha Company 1st Platoon ambush in location vicinity BS745580 engaged 6 VC/NVA moving to the northwest moving in groups of 2 approximately 100 meters apart, they engaged these personnel at 200 meters to their north with small arms vicinity BS745582. Each group had alight. After they engaged the enemy they received 6-8 semi automatic rounds from approximately 300 meters to their southwest vicinity BS744577. They continued to check out the initial area of engagement and found 4 baskets and 4 white plastic ponchos. The will check out the area of contact, and suspected sniper location at first light.


Bravo Company
December 4, 1970

At 0920hrs Bravo Company 3rd Platoon patrol detained 1 Vietnamese male age 12, wearing black and green, carrying mosquito net, insect repellant, extra clothing. He is presently located at Nui Vong with Q Company. At 1240hrs Bravo Company 4th Platoon vicinity BS666537 found 2 bodies in a bunker complex, believed to have been killed by Artillery no too long ago. They were in green uniforms and small in size and looked like NVA or VC. Uniforms were old, they will send in whatever they can salvage. At 1600hrs Bravo Company insertion of the 3rd Platoon the Warlord Gun LOH spotted 2 Males dressed in green 20-30 of age with packs evading to the south, engaged and KIA them both. Two more enemies dressed in green with packs were spotted by the 3rd Platoon. They engaged and killed them both and also detained 1 15 years old Vietnamese wearing black and green, the detainee will be brought to Mo Duc. The packs contained medical supplies, clothing, mosquito met, insect repellant, documents and a small amount of rice. All clothing had no ID and will be brought to Liz then LZ Bronco. At 1855hrs Bravo Company 3rd Platoon vicinity BS664554, while moving to Night Defense Position found a bunker set up in a hootch it consisted of 2 rooms connected by a tunnel with 3 exits. Had 2 hammocks with beds (able to accommodate 6 people). Bunker was made of wood beams with 6 wide, 4 long and 6 high and will destroy when explosives arrive on resupply helicopter tomorrow. At 2046hrs Bravo Company 3rd Platoon at BS687562, ambushes at BS684563 and BS687561, 1st Platoon at BS687551 with ambushes at BS685549 and BS686552 and the 2nd Platoon at BS690539 with ambushes at BS690541 and BS691539.


Charlie Company
December 4, 1970

At 1100hrs Charlie and Delta Companies as result of their contact on 1 December 1970 chained they had one VC KIA, however they did not find the body. This spot report was sent to Brigade on 2 December 1970 at 0745hrs on 3 December 1970 at 1100hrs Charlie Company found 1 Vietnamese hand, vicinity BS731604 and this was also reported. This should be the necessary confirmation for Delta Company KIA. At 1210hrs Charlie Company 1st Platoon vicinity BS736611, located a bunker with tunnel inside, they found 1 VC body in it approximately two days old. He was wearing only black shirt. Appeared to be killed by a gunshot wound to the side, age was undetermined. The bunker and tunnel were destroyed. Charlie Company and Alpha Conducted a Combat Assault with Charlie Company going to LZ Liz and Alpha Company going to BS776560 and BS765573.At 1830hrs Charlie Company 3rd Platoon in location at BS758621, ambush cancelled, 1st Platoon is at BS734610 with 3rd Platoon ambushed at BS728612. SSGT HOWARD JAMES SCOVILLE LISTED AS KHA DIED OF WOUNDS (see December 3, 1970 Charlie Company).


Delta Company
December 4, 1970

Delta Company continued their Security Mission for LZ Liz, which includes Road Security Mission. At 1100hrs Charlie Company and Delta Company as a result of their contact on 1 December 1970, Delta Company claimed they had 1 VC KIA, however they did not find the body. This spot report was sent to Brigade on 2 December 1970 at 0945hrs. On 3 December at 1100hrs Charlie Company found 1 Vietnamese hand, vicinity of BS731604. This was also reported, this should be necessary confirmation for Delta Company KIA.


Echo Company
December 4, 1970

Echo Company headquarters and 4.2 Mortar Platoon is location on LZ Liz, where the 4.2 Platoon providing direct fire support for the Battalion. At 0950hrs 4.2 Platoon is moving out for LZ Snoopy. At 1020hrs 4.2 Platoon arrived at LZ Snoopy. Echo Company Headquarters has the coordination responsibility for Base Defense. At 1430hrs Recon Platoon has closed on LZ Liz.

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