Headquarters and Headquarter Company
February 4, 1968

Forward Area: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at LZ Thunder and will continued to work with ARVN units in their Area of Operations. At 0116hrs 1-20 Infantry Security Element at LZ Charlie brown received 20-25 rounds of small arms fire from an azimuth of 1200mils. At 0935hrs 1-20 Infantry requested Area of Operation extension from grid BS7741 north to BS7742 east to Highway 1 south to 1-20 Infantry, Area of Operation. At 1325hrs The Security Platoon at SA Huynh and LZ Charlie Brown reports receiving a coupe rounds of fire from the village. At 1345hrs Duc Pho Advisor reports firing at BS828330 and BS830325 having seen VC in vicinity BS857314. At 1650hrs 1-20 Infantry Colonel Beers spotted 4 dead Vietnamese in vicinity BS823372. At 1651hrs 1-20 Infantry CPT Robb requested a swift boat to be off shore at BS9427 at 0630hrs on 5 February 1968.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco. At 0204hrs Base Defense four personnel spotted at BS832375, engaged with results 1 VC KIA (unconfirmed). At 0230hrs Base Defense 1 man spotted in vicinity of signal hill. At 1835hrs Base Defense sniper fire received from vicinity of Bunker 3 approximately BS830375. At 1924hrs Base Defense Bunker 29 received 3 bursts of automatic fire from Duc Pho BS806382. Late Entry Base Defense 1-20 Infantry at 2240hrs reports at BS823383 we received 2 mortar rounds, 1 behind motor pool and 1 behind bunker 52.


Alpha Company
February 4, 1968

At 0900hrs Alpha Company at BS875345, found a VC gas mask and a VC radio set at 980 found in a hut under fireplace. At 1100hr Alpha Company reports 1st Platoon at BS875344, Command Post 2nd and 3rd Platoon at BS880335. At 1350hrs Alpha Company at BS878362 located a 155 dud will blow it in place. At 1350hrs Alpha Company at BS878362 located a 155 dud, will blew it in place. At 1645hrs Alpha Company at BS868341, found numerous Punji pits 5 deep with 3 stakes and at 1715hrs Alpha Company reports location 1st Platoon at BS868352, 2nd Platoon at BS874349, 3rd Platoon BS874345. At 2015hrs Alpha Company reports 1 VC with weapon fired at grid BS872348 and evac heading toward friendly ambush, informed ambush.


Bravo Company
February 4, 1968

At 0717hrs Bravo Company at BS778393 made contact with 3 VCS, with results 1 KIA and 2 CIA request Dust Off and completed at 0750hrs CIA 1 pistol belt, 2 packs and 1 US bayonet. 3rd Platoon and Command Post is at BS776404, 2nd Platoon at BS777417. At 0940hrs Bravo Company at BS777414, found a 45 cal pistol SN# 2458047 and pistol belt with 2 grenades and ammo couch, and grenades where destroyed. At 1100hrs Bravo Company reports their locations Command Post and 3rd Platoon at BS776404, 2nd Platoon at BS777417. At 1112hrs Bravo Company at Bridge 105 on Highway 1 have a 14 years old boy run up saying he had been beaten up and that there were VC at his house. Bravo Company checked it out and observed 2 VC with automatic weapons toward the mountains, with 3 stolen bikes and headed south. Bravo Company alerted Troop E 1-1 Calvary on bridge 104 and they will try to cut them off. Bravo Company at 1130hrs is located at grid BS775413 found a projectile HE at type 2.75" approximately 2 weeks old will blow in place with TNT. At 1300hrs Bravo Company at BS893285, found a bike and VCS, had no ID guess age at 25, he claims 32 will bring in for questioning. At 1502hrs Bravo Company located map case made of bamboo, had some old documents in it at BS778415, also found VC paper flag, machete at BS783404. At 1715hrs Bravo Company 1st Platoon at Bridges 104-105, 2nd Platoon at BS774415, and 3rd Platoon at BS778604.


Charlie Company
February 4, 1968

Charlie Company OPCON to TASK FORCE Barker 198 Infantry Brigade continued their the Security Mission for LZ Uptight with the 1st Platoon conducting Search and Destroy operation in their Area of Operation. At 1200hrs Task Force Barker and 4-3 Infantry and control of the Muscatine Area of Operation going to the 11th Infantry Brigade Control and at 1830hrs Charlie Company (-) at LZ Uptight with 1st Platoon located at BS728882.


Delta Company
February 4, 1968

At 1100hrs Delta Company is at BS877310 and at 1130hrs Delta Company at BS877313 found old women with a cigarette lighter and also several Artillery fuses around hut. Delta Company is checking further. At 1208hrs Delta Company at BS829319, patrol received 1 grenade, observed 1 VCS evading from location and picked him up, negative casualties. At 1355hrs Delta Company at BS837322 observed 4 VC, had weapons, sharks called 4 VC went into hut. At 1411hrs Delta Company at BS886321, received a few rounds of small arms fire, returned fire, negative results. Delta Company has 1 man slightly injured will return him to LZ Thunder for first Aid. At 1715hrs Delta Company reports their Night Location 1st Platoon at BS886321, 2nd Platoon Bridge duty 106-108 and 3rd Platoon Bridge Duty 99-100.


Echo Company
February 4, 1968

Echo Company and 4.2 platoon and radar platoon where located on LZ Thunder to provide direct support to the Battalion. At 1100hrs Recon report their location at BS889286 and was informed that Recon and 2 APC in 3-1 Infantry Area of Operations. At 1615hrs Recon Platoon at BS891315 as they continued to try and clear the area received automatic weapons fire and checking area now. At 1715hrs Recon reports their position at BS891301. Recon Platoon is using Day and Night ambushes and OP to try and find the routes being used.

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