Headquarters and Headquarter Company
April 6, 1968

Forward Area: At 1030hrs Headquarters and Delta Company is lifted to LZ Baldy and by fix wing to Duc Pho and returned to 11th Light Infantry Brigade Control. They then move to LZ Dragon to set up the Battalion Headquarters. At 1500hrs 1-20 Infantry TOC reports 1-20 Infantry forward Command Post operation at LZ Dragon also reports Delta Company closed this location.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco. At 0105hrs E Troop Command Post element on Bridge 108 at BS840330, received sniper from 2 sides, fire was returned. At 0918hrs E Troop Delta Company 19 Engineer at BS915245, mine sweep has been ambushed, request 2 gun ships, hit by small arms fire, grenades, M-79 and command detonate mine with results 3 US KIA and 2 US WHA. At 0955hrs Delta Company 19 Engineer reports contact is broken VC moved out to West and Dust Off completed for 2 US WHA. Believe the 3 US KHA from Delta Company 19 Engineer. There was 2 APC and 10 Engineer for security of the mine sweep team. 19 Engineer reports PFC ROBERT LEE BARKER JR, PFC MICAEL PAUL Mc LAUGLIN, SP4 LARRY MICHAEL WOLPERT LISTED AS KIA.


Alpha Company
April 6, 1968

Alpha Company will swept eastward and conduct a detail search of the area as they closed on Fire Support Base O’ Connor they are OPCON to the 3-21 Infantry. Alpha Company taken over the Security Mission for Fire Support Base as Bravo Company departs for 1-1 Cavalry and Delta Company and Battalion Headquarter depart to Duc Pho and 11th Brigade Control.


Bravo Company
April 6, 1968

Bravo Company is air lifted to 1-1 Calvary at Calvary Hill 29 to act as a Security Mission as they prepare to the move back to the 11th Light Infantry Brigade.


Charlie Company
April 6, 1968

At 1155hrs Charlie Company located at BS652870 saw 1 VC evading results 1 VC KIA and 1 Pack, 2 Chi Com grenades and 1 Sony radio transistor set on 64.10 CIA, also gray uniform, red real felt along with 3 types of money which we will evac. At 1900hrs Charlie Company reports their Night Defense Position is at BS6332914 with ambushes at BS630919, BS642917, BS635868, BS642875, BS643874, BS665914, BS668906 and BS672911.


Delta Company
April 6, 1968

At 1030hrs Headquarters Forward and Delta Company is lifted to LZ Baldy and by fix wing to Duc Pho and returned to 11th Light Infantry Brigade Control. At 1500hrs Closes on LZ Dragon.


Echo Company
April 6, 1968

Echo Company and 4.2 platoon where now located on LZ O’Connor and set up to provide direct support to the Battalion. At 1030hrs 1-20 Infantry Headquarters, Delta Company and Echo Company where air lift from LZ O’Connor to Duc Pho and are returned to control of the 11 Brigade. Recon Platoon continued to provide security for the 1-20 Infantry.

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