Assuming Operational Control

Headquarters and Headquarter Company
January 6, 1968

Forward Area: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at LZ Thunder and will continued to work with ARVN units in their Area of Operations. At 0302hrs Security Element of 1-20 Infantry heard sound of heavy engine, spotted what may be a boat moving away from the beach at BS8932 and wanted to know what we could do, Division Operations sent up a flare ship and it was check out, and was a U.S Boat. At 1015hrs 1-20 Infantry Vietnamese child hit by US Dump truck, Mike 6 has child will stand bye on 62.25 for Dust Off, contact Mike 6 at BS916264. MPís notified and will send people to cover the accident. At 1305hrs 1-20 Infantry E Troop 1st Calvary attachment picked up a dope peddler trying to sell marijuana cigarettes to US troops at BS863328. At 1830hrs 1-20 Infantry called for pickup for 1 VC suspect at BS930224, contact Bravo Company on Command Freg and cancel mission some one picked up requested to be informed when and who delivered. At 1915hrs a Called by Dolphin 874 that he was sitting on the carpet at VIP Pad with 1 VC suspect from 1-20 on board requested pickup. At 2000hrs CPT Kay DTOC called, 1st Air Calvary Division has requested a 24 hour extension approved for 040600 to 081800 January 1968 also stated that 1st Air Calvary Division has been denied clearance to fire artillery into the extensive action. LTC Barker approved Area of Operation extension to 091800hrs. Contacted 1-20 Infantry reference denying 1st Calvary Division clearance to fire into Area Operation extension. 1-20 Infantry stated Mike Force elements area in there and informed 1-20 Infantry that Mike Force should not be there. 1-20 Infantry will straighten this out and grant 3rd Brigade 1st Air Calvary Division has clearance to fire into the Area of Operation. 1-20 further informed TOC that Mike Force has no units within the Area of Operation extension informed Division TOC. At 2025hrs 1-20 Infantry informed Brigade TOC that personnel were evacuating Village in vicinity of bridge 95. At 2025hrs element at Bridge 96 E Troop has been alerted, 1-20 Infantry will keep the Brigade TOC informed of any new developments. At 2200hrs received call from 1-20 Infantry stating that a Mike Force individual had been bitten by a snake requesting that TOC sent Dust Off, completed at 2218hrs. At 2250hrs reference to item, on Mike Force individual info was received from 1-20 Infantry that individual was under contact with the US Government and would be treated by US doctors. This Info was passed on to 3rd Brigade 4th Infantry Division medical, Individual would be treated by US Doctors.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco. At 0102hrs 6th Engineer Bunker 1 movement 40 meters front of bunker and at 0104hrs Bunker 2 observed flashlights in front of position at BS823373. Bunker 1 reports possible 1 enemy KIA and at 0107hrs E Troop APC received small arms fire at BS851356. At 0108hrs Bunker 62 2 personnel set off trip flare 1 possible KIA. At 0112hrs Element 13 received 2 rounds small arms fire from abandoned village. At 0125hrs 6th Support reports movement between bunker 56 and 57 vicinity BS849375, request illumination negative sighing and until 0302hrs continue to get sporadic small arms fire. At 0320hrs Bunker 2 search light showed man on road in vicinity BS826372, dresses in fatigues and engaged with small arms fire negative results.


Alpha Company
January 6, 1968

Alpha Company conducts a Combat Assault 2nd lifts Touch Down at 1047hrs LZ cold, moving out on a Search and Destroy operation. At 1530hrs Alpha Company 2nd platoon discovered 900 pounds of rice in tunnel location vicinity BS863334 will evac to Bronco. At 1650hrs Alpha Company continued their Search and Destroy operation.


Bravo Company
January 6, 1968

Bravo Company conducting detail search of the area and detained one VCS at 1930hrs pick-up VC Suspect at BS930224- picked up by Dolphin 874. At 2350hrs Bravo picked-up movement vicinity BS905265 and their Night Defense Position.


Charlie Company
January 6, 1968

At 1057hrs Charlie Company 2nd Platoon found a body, which was almost a skeleton had been torn up badly by animals at BS808276. At 1155hrs Charlie Company is moving to BS802277 in their Search and Destroy Operation.


Delta Company
January 6, 1968

At 0935hrs Delta Combat Assault 1st lift TD 0939hrs LZ Cold. 2nd left Delta Company TD 0944hrs LZ Cold Search & Destroy operation in the area BS816263 conducting Search and Destroy operations in their Area of Operation and 3rd Platoon continues their Security Mission for the key Bridges.


Echo Company
January 6, 1968

Echo Company and 4.2 platoon and radar platoon where located on LZ Thunder to provide direct support to the Battalion. At 1453hrs Recon found a large tunnels complex that could house entire Recon Platoon. Nothing found at this time but evidence of being used in last week, and in rocky area found food fragments at vicinity BS861269.

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