Headquarters and Headquarter Company
September 6, 1970

Forward Area: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at LZ Liz and will continued to work with ARVN units in their Area of Operations. At 0008hrs TMF at 2354hrs S 76 sighted stationary target, negative metal confirmation, shot at 0009hrs 16 HE rounds Artillery. At 0600hrs MACV M 26 element is moving out. At 1426hrs 1-20 Infantry highway 1 and access road requests Urgent Dust Off for 1 Vietnamese female who stepped on booby trap, multiple frag wounds to the body completed at 1435hrs. At 1805hrs S-5 Wrap Up 209,000 leaflets dropped in Area of Operation, TAPE time 64 minutes, special tape made by S-5 4,000 piasters paid to Vietnamese for hootch destroyed at BS768467 Thach-Thruc hamlet on August 30, 1970. Also 1,400 piasters paid to family for destruction of their hootch on 2 September at 815582 by a 81mm Illumination round. Legend: 1st Platoon 63-68, 2nd Platoon 53-58, 3rd Platoon 23-28, 4th Platoon 83-88 and CO 09.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco. At 0003hrs 1-20 Infantry TOC LZ Bronco took 3 incoming mortar rounds all landed outside perimeter, in front of Bunker 31, 2 HE and 1 Illumination rounds in front of Bunker.


Alpha Company
September 6, 1970

At 0945hrs Alpha Company 63 element found 1 old campsite large enough for 8 people with 4 fighting positions and old food cans lay around and doesn’t seem to have been use recently at BS598518. At BS599513 a new site which appears to have been used and may signs of recent use. Alpha Company the 26 element in location at BS601531and the 55 element in location at BS609513.


Bravo Company
September 6, 1970

At 0705hrs Bravo Company at BS739614 in action between 5 VC and the M-26 element a 11 year old Vietnamese girl was killed, 1 VC flag found on a flag pole and booby trap was blown in place. Bravo Company the 25 element moving out for BS725580, the 56 element closed on BS716635, M26 element found in the #7 bunker at BS753620 and destroyed them.


Charlie Company
September 6, 1970

At 0705 Charlie Company 63 moving out for BS594475, the 53 element is moving out for BS610469, Charlie Company the 23 element moving out for BS588477. At 1020hrs Charlie Company the 63 element found a small base camp, platoon size, one fighting position that they CS 2 hootches, found at BS594475. At 1045hrs Charlie Company 53 element found at BS611466 1 camouflaged hootch, 5 sleeping hootches and 3 fighting positions underneath boulders, to guard against air strikes. At 1110hrs Charlie Company 53 element received a heavy volume of small arms fire from BS605475, suffered 2 US KIA enemy is 50 to 100 meters estimate squad size enemy element dug in on line. At 1155hrs Charlie Company Urgent Dust Off for 2 US WIA personnel 1 with multiple frag wounds to chest and legs and other with a sucking chest wounds grid pick up BS605476, received wounds from friendly Recon by Fire, completed at 1230hrs # 190 and 179. At 1255hrs Charlie Company ambushed 53 element ran into a L shaped ambush by 3 enemy, received a heavy volume of Automatic weapons fire and enemy moved to the east, sweep of area 1 KIA and 1 AK 47 CIA, and leather belt, canteen cover and empty magazines. At 1930hrs Charlie Company is moving to their Night Defense Position at BS602479. Charlie Company reports CPL LAWRENCE SAMUEL MARTIN and SGT JON EDWARD REED LISTED AS KHA Charlie Reports (SP4 Gary G. Kimichi with multiple frag wounds right leg and 1LT Thomas Lewis F wounds neck I believe) where treated and released from Bravo Company 23 Medical.


Delta Company
September 6, 1970

At 0646hrs Delta Company vicinity is moving out for 610469. At 0713hrs Delta Company moving out of Night Defense Position at BS608495 encountered 1 female and 2 males, female was carrying 1 B-40 RPG launcher and was detained while the male evaded northwest. At 0820hrs Delta Company requested 1 Routine Dust Off #3R with Delta 63 completed at 0840hrs. At 1250hrs Delta Company in their Day logger at BS609508 found 1 NVA rucksack in good condition, it had 1 C-ration can full of AK-47 ammo, 1 new sewing machine in good condition build to be carried. Had OD and black tread in it, rucksack, had 1 NVA poncho and 1 bush hat, negative documents. At 1430hrs Delta Company found 250 pounds of rice in 55-gallon drum buried under a hootch at BS609501, destroyed. Delta Company continued their multiply patrolling in their Area of Operation. At 1910hrs Delta Company is moving to their Night Defense Position at BS606494.


Echo Company
September 6, 1970

Echo Company headquarters and 4.2 Mortar Platoon is location on LZ Liz, where the 4.2 Platoon providing direct fire support for the Battalion. Echo Company Headquarters has the coordination responsibility for Base Defense. Recon Platoon continued their Security Mission for the 1-20 infantry. Recon Platoon continued their Security Mission for 1-20 Infantry.

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