Headquarters and Headquarter Company
July 7, 1968

Forward Area: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at LZ Thunder and will continued to work with ARVN units in their Area of Operations. At 0902hrs 1-20 Infantry at BS917253 VC ambushed a Lambretta wounding 2 Vietnamese nationals, 1 ARVN captured by VC estimated 20 VC in ambush party. All had weapons, Dust Off completed at 0948hrs.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco.


Alpha Company
July 7, 1968

At 0806hrs Alpha Company is located at BS806355. At 0805hrs Alpha Company at BS823360 found 1-8 round clip of 30cal ammo, lying by a fence looks as if dropped last night will destroy. At 1210hrs Alpha Company is located at BS805356. At 1810hrs Alpha Company Night Defense Position is located at BS822356 with ambushes at BS809354, BS806350, BS812345, BS830363, BS834372, BS794370 and BS801360.


Bravo Company
July 7, 1968

Bravo Company continued their Security Mission for LZ Thunder. At 0806hrs Bravo Company 1st Platoon is at BS964358 with the 2nd Platoon moving off LZ Thunder. At 1005hrs Bravo Company is at BS864357 obtained a book with 400 names of people in area from 4 Buddhist monks who claim they are authorized to make ID cards. Interpreter says they are phony. Will question further Bravo Company at BS839310, 20 received heavy caliber fire results 1 US WHA requested sharks, not available on another mission at this time Dust Off called and completed at 1210hrs, change to WIA was DOA. At 1420hrs Bravo Company at BS874340, detained 1 VCS 30, Buddhist monk, dressed in white hiding in hootch when captured. At 1810hrs locations are as follows Bravo Company (-) at LZ Thunder with ambushes at BS842307, BS842297 and BS845305. At 1946hrs Bravo Company moving into position spotted 4 VC at BS844315 took under fire resulting in 1 VC KIA, other 3 evaded. The Male KIA, 20-25, in black and white PJ, no ID, no documents or weapons. At 2007hrs Bravo 30 at BS844315 received 2 rounds of M-79, 3-4 rounds of small arms fire at BS844315 resulting in 1 US hit in back with frag, called Dust Off, Completed at 2009hrs, and was DOA at A& D 6th Support 2020hrs E-5 Simpkins, Wilner. SGT DAVID FIELDING AND SGT WILNER SIMPKINS LISTED AS KILLED KHA both (died of wounds).


Charlie Company
July 7, 1968

At 0834hrs Charlie Company is at BS894288 where 10 found a 105 round, was laying in rice paddy and will blow it in place. At 1605hrs 30 at BS900300 detained 1 VCS, 25, no ID, started running in rice paddy when saw element. At 1810hrs Charlie Company moved into their Night Defense Position at BS904306 with ambushes at BS900297, BS898306, BS893305, BS899307, BS907292, and BS895293.


Delta Company
July 7, 1968

Delta Company continued their Security Mission for LZ Charlie Brown and at 0806hrs Delta 10 is at BS926138. At 1846hrs Delta Company (-) reports locations at Charlie Brown with ambushes at BS934234, BS934239, BS925128, BS931129 and Delta 31on Bridge 94. At 2300hrs Swift boats engaged boats and said that they were fishermen, said the water was too heavy a problem so they were coming in closer to the shore. Delta 22 report there is no movement from people on the boats.


Echo Company
July 7, 1968

Echo Company is located at LZ Thunder where Battalion Forward is and coordinates with the Battalion Rear Elements and Base Defense elements on LZ Thunder. The 4.2 Platoon is located on LZ Thunder where they continue to provide direct fire support for the Battalion. Recon Platoon reports their location at Special Forces Camp at Minh Long.

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