Headquarters and Headquarter Company
May 7, 1968

Forward Area 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at LZ Ross for Operation WHEELER-WALLOWA and are OPCON to the 198th Light Infantry Brigade. As the 196th Light Infantry Brigade moves north to support the Marines. At 0507hrs 1-20 Infantry Qui Song District Headquarters and OP Dragon reports air craft received fire from BT042230, reports that 2 burst of fire were seen by air craft taking photo. At 1525hrs 1-20 Infantry reports an APC hit with a mine at BT082390 with results 1 KHA and 4 WHA. Dust Off has been called all people were from Alpha Troop 1-1 Calvary. Road is impassable and will not be repaired today and mine was command detonated. At 0805hrs 1-52 Infantry and 1-20 Infantry a tank of A Troop 1-1 Calvary at BT063362 hit a pressure device, crater 51’ wide and 31’ deep and result 10 casualties and the tank a total loss.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco. PFC KENNETH WAYNE FLOYD WAS LISTED AS KIA (See Alpha Company).


Alpha Company
May 7, 1968

Alpha Company continued their Security Mission for LZ Ross. At 0928hrs Alpha Company 10 at BT019334 received 2 rounds sniper fire from BT017326 with negative results. Alpha Company was working when working with 1-1 Calvary on road Security Mission on their return to LZ Ross being late in the day, part of the Security Element was riding on the APC. The Vehicle hit a landmine booby trap and Dust Off call for 3 WHA from the explosion which became 3 KHA. SSGT WAYNE CLIFTON CYR (Died of Wounds), PFC ROGER ALLEN FESSENDEN and MEDIC CPL KENNETH WAYNE FLOYD from Headquarters Company IS LISTED AS KHA. SSGT WAYNE CLIFTON CYR (Died of Wounds), SGT Robert J. Powers, and PFC Danny K. Thomas where attached to the NSA Hospital Da Nang. SSGT WAYNE CLIFTON CYR (Died of wounds) there was a Breakdown with paperwork with 6th Support Battalion, wasn’t pickup Official until August 17, 1968 on Alpha Company Morning Report. Alpha Company reports that PFC Leroy Robinson was attached to the 85th Evac Hospital.


Bravo Company
May 7, 1968

Bravo Company continued to use their Search and Clear operations in their Area of Operations.


Charlie Company
May 7, 1968

At 0010hrs Charlie Company reports (LATE ENRTY) in vicinity BT007368 on May 6, 1968 at 2302hrs vicinity BT007368 received 6 rounds of small arms fire believe fired from 6 different weapons with 1 round from each weapons, no casualties or damage, return fire with Artillery and Mortars on suspected location. Charlie Company continued to use their Search and Clear operations in their Area of Operations.


Delta Company
May 7, 1968

At 0010hrs Bravo Company 1-6 Infantry which again was somewhat next, to our Night Defense Position received 26 82mm rounds. At 0715hrs started morning out with 6-7 sniper rounds responded with artillery, which was followed by 10 more rounds form area around BT070239. At 0842hrs Delta Company received small arms and automatic fire from BT075233 and fire form BT080238. At 0936hrs Helix 25 Forward Air Controller the jet fighters on the air strike received small arms and automatic weapons fire. At 1000hrs the FAC spotted an enemy platoon sized unit moving on the ground. Artillery was fired at the target until additional jets arrived. At 1025hrs one of the A-4 jets for the air strike at BT076226 took .50 cal hit in his wing tank and broke station to return to CHU LAI. He made a successful forced landing. Delta Company began moving up the hill taking Automatic weapons fire and Small arms fire and at 1130hrs Delta Company Dusted Off one WHA with hand grenade frag wounds Dust Off vicinity BT074232 completed at 1143hrs. At 1215hrs an A-1 Sky-raider aircraft exploded after taking hits in the wing section. The aircraft was shot down at BT070225, but the pilot bailed out and was recovered at BT175153. At 1300hrs when air strike where completed, mortars from LZ Center, and 155mm and 175mm artillery were fired into the area. At 1330hrs Delta Company moving out on new objective Hill 352 it will take approximately 2 hours to reach objective. At 1335hrs Delta Company received 15 rounds of automatic weapons fire during their move up and could heard mortars to their front. At 1545hrs Delta Company reports in heavy contact receiving hand grenades, small arms fire and automatic weapons fire, pull back call air strike, At1600hrs Delta Company continued to flank and move fighting up the hill made our first assault probe on Hill 352 at BT074226 around 1900hrs. But with heavy contact with large unknown size force was force to fall back with darkness and poor defense position and heavy small arms fire and automatic weapons fire, results US KHA 2 and WHA 6. Drop back down the hill where we cut through and set up ambush and Night Defense Position on the side of Hill 352 vicinity BT072229. Delta Company unable to get Dust Off, the WHA that evening because of the location and close contact with enemy and keep them still morning. SGT. AMBROSE WILKIE CLAY (died of wounds) and PFC. GEORGE TL WALKER were the KHA and both where carried down. Delta Company reports the following SP4 Gary L. Sanner was evac to NSA Hospital Da Nang, also PFC Darryl Lashinsky and SGT William F. Watson where also evac.

From the 1st Battalion 6th Infantry Account: May 17, 1968 final taking of Hill 352.

"Soldiers had attempted to assault the enemy bunker complex near 352, but with little success. Their positions were deemed (impregnable). Company size force of North Vietnamese Army regulars were positioned in well fortified, dug in bunkers over six feet deep with reinforced covers. And "S" shaped tunnels as the only means of entrance or exit. The enemy was armed with small arms and automatic weapons, heavy machine guns, rockets (RPG), and 60mm mortars. These positions later where found to be well supplied with ammunition, food, and water. The enemy had excellent fields of fire on any attacking force, as the gently sloping ridges around Hill 352 had a few normal terrain features to provide cover and little foliage due to air strikes in the area. The day of the attack by the combined units from the two-infantry battalions was bright, sunny, and extremely hot."


Echo Company
May 7, 1968

Echo Company is located at LZ Ross where Battalion Forward, is located and coordinates with the Battalion Rear Elements and the Base Defense on LZ Ross. The 4.2 Platoon is located on LZ Ross where they continue to provide direct fire support for the Battalion. 1-20 Infantry Recon Platoon manned OP Tiger, Cobra and Dragon. At 0507hrs 1-20 Qui Song district Headquarters and OP Dragon reports aircraft received fire from BT042230. Reports that 2 burst of fire were seen by air craft taking photo. At 1000hrs Recon Platoon at BT055385 outside of perimeter fired 1 M-79 round. He was hit in the eye by bouncing shrapnel and evac to LZ Baldy. PFC Gary J. Mullis is attached to NSA Hospital DA Nang.

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