Headquarters and Headquarter Company
April 8, 1968

Forward Area: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at Nghia Hanh (616638) for OPERATION NORFOLK VICTORY. At 0950hrs FAC, the Sky Spot mission was flown on BS476712 at 0428hrs resulting in 4 in packs at BS526708 flown at 0400hrs resulting in 3 in packs each target had 4 750 pounds bombs dropped on it. Helix at 0845hrs 8 750 pound bombs were dropped resulting in 100% on target. Helix at 0728hrs put air strike on BS503655 8 750 pounds bombs were dropped resulting in 100% on target. At 1025hrs Aerial Scouts BS515752 observed 1 VC run into bushes fired upon him with unknown results. At 1030hrs Division G-2 Info acquired 31 March and pass to G-2 April 8, 1968. Agent determined VC have established an ammo cache at Hon May at BS496660 cache situated on slope of hill 400 meters high and under heavy tree canopy near stream, cache in bunker 13’ X 16’ by 3’ meters in size. Inside bunker is 6000 kilo’s of ammo, mostly crew served. It was transported by 200 laborers from BS135640 with 10 VC armed with individual weapons for security (Very Reliable). At 1305hrs Aerial Scouts new location of downed Warlord ship BS560630, others in air say 2 individuals get out 2 known dead and another not confirmed, but probable. Many VC in area fire was to intense to stay around. Commander of another chopper hit in hand taken to Quang Ngai will be evac to Chu Lai later. One down crew assumed to be dead, 1 Huey received hits the Aerial Scouts received wound in leg, evac to Quang Ngai and other chopper received hits and is being checked out at this time. Charlie Company 4-3 Infantry conducted their Combat Assault at 1257hrs and at 1540hrs reports their location at BS555836. Helix at 1030hrs air strike was conducted at BS575676 with 8 750 pounds bombs, 100% on target. Helix conducted a air strike at 1110hrs at grid BS552645 4 launchers, 3 rockets and 3 500 pound bombs were dropped results all 100% on target. At 1206 Helix conducts air strike at BS581602 with 8 750 pounds bombs were dropped results in 1 structure destroyed and 50 meters if of trenches opened, also 1 bunker was destroyed. At 1555hrs E Troops all elements in location POW’s and documents where pick up by 1-20 Infantry Command and Control Helicopter should be at LZ Bronco shortly. At 15550hrs Charlie Company 4-3 Infantry at BS562624, received 7-8 rounds of automatic weapons fire returned fire, results 1 VC KIA dressed gray uniform with US 45 caliber pistol and 1 Chi Com grenade. They have found downed chopper with 1 US KHA and 2 Machineguns and 1 M-46 rifle in chopper and 45 caliber pistol. At 1625hrs E Troop at BS574615 observed 20 to 30 VC with weapons heading west calling artillery. At 1606hrs Charlie Company 4-3 Infantry at BS565644 found 1 anti aircraft position approximately 5’ diameter many empty 50 caliber shells in gun location. Was deserted at this time, this is the site from which downed aircraft received fire, center wheel was taken out to make it disable it and at 1920hrs reports their location at BS554640 with ambush at BS556647. At 1815hrs Helix put an air strike at BS541661 4 Napalm and 16 rockets were used, results 20% on target.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco. S-4 section continued to operate with a small team of personnel in Chu Lai, along with a team with the Rear Forward located with Battalion Forward.


Alpha Company
April 8, 1968

NORFORK VICTORY OPENING 1-20 Infantry minus Charlie Company conducted a combat assault from LZ Dragon (BS732562) into the area of operation commencing 08088 April 1968 with Delta Company 1-20 at LZ Blue. Bravo Company 1-20 Combat Assaulted into LZ Red, Alpha Company 1-20 Combat Assault into LZ Green. Charlie Company 4-3 Infantry conducted a combat assault from vicinity BS788888 into and area north of LZ Black vicinity BS570615. Charlie Company 1-20 Infantry conducted a combat assault from vicinity BS636859 into LZ Black. After insertion the units moved to sweep and clear their objectives. The major of the enemy contact during the operation took place on 8 April 1968 with Bravo Company. At 1120hrs Alpha Company 1st Touchdown and 2nd Touchdown is at 1145hrs LZ Cold and Combat Assault is completed at 1145hrs. At 1530hrs Alpha Company at BS575665 engaged 2 VC results 1 VC KIA, was wearing black pants, khaki shirt, and army belt still looking for other VC. Alpha Company found 1 US Grenade, 1 Chi Com grenade, hand drawn map and US bandages. At 1920hrs Alpha Company reports their Night Defense Position at BS580674 with ambush at BS587673, and LP at BS582678. At 2400hrs Alpha Company element detected movement in wood line vicinity BS584665 will engage with 81mm Mortar.


Bravo Company
April 8, 1968

Operations Norfolk Victory Begins. An OH-23 Warlord gun-ship was shot down at coordinates BS567646. Helicopter inserting Bravo Company received Automatic Weapons fire from heavy machine guns while leaving the LZ vicinity of BS561635. The air strike for LZ green was diverted to the area. Result one secondary explosion. An immediate second strike diverted from LZ Black and was placed in the area where the Automatic Weapons fire downed the OH-23. Bravo Company 1st Touch Down was 0940hrs and 2nd Touch Down was at 1003hrs LZ Cold. At 1010hrs Bravo Company moved south, down the valley searching as they moved. At 1215hrs at BS551623 Aero Scouts fired on 1 OH23 shot down with 3 presumed dead. 2nd aircraft fired on results is the Air Craft Commander being wounded and he was evac to Quang Ngai. Ship belongs to Aero Scouts and Aero Scouts dispatched to area where ship was downed. At 1330hrs Aviation stated that there are 2 KIA and 2 WHA Evac with 1 US still in ship Scout Infantry Platoon are on the way to the ship to get it out. At 1720hrs Bravo Company at BS541660, in contact received small arms fire, found what appears to be a VC Base Camp. Some items they found 119 50 caliber rounds, 1 sight for auto weapon, 6 rucksacks, food, eating utensils, NVA clothing and documents. As a result of the contact Bravo Company reports 2 US KHA Sawyer, Paul L. JR, LT was shot in neck, Colegrove, Robert A. SGT was shot in head and right arm. SSG ROBERT COLEGROVE and 1LT PAUL LEWIS SAWYER JR. listed as KHA. Helicopter Crew SP4GLENN URBAN ANDEROTTA AND SP5 CHARLES MATHEW DUTTON IS LISTED AS KHA Tail # 62-63813 and Barry Lloyd was the pilot who was injured in the Crash.


Charlie Company
April 8, 1968

11th Bridge Operation Norfolk Victory begins with 1-20 Infantry Heavy Mortar Platoon was located at LZ Black at BS568605 to give addition illumination and fire support of units operating at the maximum artillery range. Charlie Company rejoins the 1-20 Infantry from their OPCON with Task Force Barker at 0800hrs by conducting a Combat Assault from BS636859 to LZ Black at 1717hrs Charlie Company reports 1st Lift at 1707hrs and 2nd Lift at 1745hrs, with Touchdown is at 1757hrs and LZ was cold. At 1300hrs Charlie Company put on standby for Pick and PZ location is BS638905, 102 packs, at 1745hrs extraction is completed. At 2120hrs Charlie Company 1st Platoon is at BS475675, 2nd Platoon is at BS485686 and 3rd Platoon is located at BS491663 with ambush at BS489664.


Delta Company
April 8, 1968

Delta Company from LZ Dragon to LZ Blue at BS504643 and Operation Norfolk Victory, Delta Company conducts a Combat Assault in LZ grid BS503655 at 0800hrs and pick up sniper fire. Delta Company has one WHA from a Punji stick and one US a sting in the leg, was sweeping the LZ and a centipede sting, Dust Off is completed at 0955hrs. Delta Company is moving down to the objective assign with light action sniper fire. At 1235hrs Delta Company is moving down ridge at BS803638 received small arms and automatic weapons fire will continue to return fire and search and sweep the area. At 1540hrs Delta Company is setting up a Night Defense Position at BS816627 and continued Sweep and Clear operations in the area. At 1930hrs Delta Company Locations Command Post, 20, 30, 40 Night Defense Position is at BS522622 and had light action and movement in and around our Night Defense Position all night. SP4 James A. Geth was evac to the 85th Medical Evac Hospital on April 8, 1968.


Echo Company
April 8, 1968

Echo Company is located at Nghia Hanh where Battalion Forward is located and coordinates with the Battalion Rear and S-4 section established the Rear Forward location. The 4.2 Mortar Platoon is located at LZ Dragon to continue their direct fire support for Battalion Operations. At 1920hrs Recon Platoon reports their Command Post at BS616638.

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