April 9, 1968

Forward Area: 1-20 Infantry Headquarters is located at Nghia Hanh (616638) for OPERATION NORFOLK VICTORY. At 0904hrs 1-20 Infantry Charlie Company 4-3 Infantry at 557647 found a homemade Bangalore torpedo, 3 long 3" in diameter had wooden nose and arms on rear will destroy. At 0920hrs Charlie Company 4-3 Infantry at 541659 found 4 to 5 notebooks in good condition, years 1967-1968 with pictures of VC in various uniforms. At 0931hrs Charlie Company 4-3 Infantry at 557652 found 1 ton of rice, 2 weapons wrapped in poncho hidden in rice a M-1 and 1 AK-44. And at 0952hrs at 556644 found 3 foxholes 1 Machinegun position with commo wire strung 500 meters to 556642 to another hole in this hold found a basket containing 1 ton of rice the basket was 11 X 3 X 2 . At 1005hrs MACV reports tunnel location at 567636, 1-20 Infantry to check location. At 1010hrs Charlie Company 4-3 Infantry at 557652 found 2 weapons 1 Bar and 1 AK-44. At 1127hrs Charlie Company 4-3 Infantry reports their location at 554640. At 1343hrs Helix 32 at 515673 observed several well camouflage huts, called in artillery with results unknown. At 1500hrs Charlie Company 4-3 Infantry reports their location at 553640.

Rear Area: Battalion Rear continued their Mission of general support for the battalion and continued their Security Mission for LZ Bronco. At 0110hrs Base Defense LZ Bronco reported 1 VC approached command bunker with grenade, engaged with shot gun, grenade detonated, negative casualties, results of VC unknown.

April 9, 1968

At 1034hrs Alpha Company 3rd Platoon gird 590659 found spider hoe approximately 3 weeks old. At 1127hrs Alpha Company reports their location at 592660. Alpha Company continued to conduct Search and Clear operation in their Area of Operation. At 1323hrs Alpha Company reports 3rd Platoon completed their Combat Assault to 890587 at 1313hrs. At 1331hrs Alpha Company at 591655 detainee 1 male white T shirt and black shots with no ID. At 1500hrs Alpha Company reports their location at 600640. At 1547hrs Command Post and 3rd Platoon at 893598, observed 20 VC with weapons moving toward E Troop had sharks on site, and Alpha Company check are with negative results. At 2100hrs Alpha Company reports Night Defense Position at 587613 with 1st Platoon ambush at 589608.

April 9, 1968

At 0913hrs Bravo Company at 525623 found blood trails leading into stream, at 553640 found small target human figure. At 0917hrs AS Bravo Company moved from their Night location and Base Camp reported yesterday has not been used for some. Time. At 0925hrs Bravo Company at 541369 in the contact last night 3 VC were seen to fall, negative body count so far. At 0935hrs Bravo Company at 843656 found Platoon size base camp, checking it out now. At 1014hrs Bravo Company Platoon size base camp found 3 huts complete, 3 under construction and likes classrooms and some documents and clothing. At 1127hrs Bravo Company reports their location at 452657.At 1500hrs Bravo Company reports their location at 548652. Bravo Company 1-20 Infantry also found 30 rounds 60mm Mortar ammunition and 7 rounds 57mm Recoilless Rifle ammunition. At 1615hrs Bravo Company 1-20 Infantry received a mortar attack 12 rounds from vicinity 533653, called gun ships 123 Aviation could not identify tube flash at estimated location of mortars and five men WHA Dust OFF completed at 1616hrs. PVT Ernest E Armstrong JR, PFC Marvin L. Cartmill, SP4 Monte E Henderson, and PFC William Akens JR awarded Purple Heart.

April 9, 1968

Charlie Company has the Security Mission for LZ Black. At 0015hrs Charlie Company reports 2 VCS and 1 Chu Hoi were received form (ARVN) RF Company, they surrendered to RF at 864604 will be evac to LZ Bronco 9 April 1968. At 1500hrs Charlie Company reports their location at 561602. The 4.2 Platoon arrives at LZ Black to provide direct mortar support for Operation NORFOLK VICTORY.

April 9,1968

At 0820hrs Delta Company sweeping the area in all directions from our Night Defense Position at 524623 found a large building 10 feet by 15 feet with 5,700 pounds of rice, some chickens, 50 VC ponchos, rolls of material to make ponchos, and fish oil, at coordinates BS524263. At 0918hrs a short distance away found 6 newly constructed houses with rice enough eating utensils, pots and pans for 100 men, and numerous documents at 525623. At 1127hrs Delta Company is location at 522622 and also found what appears to have been a POW Camp which was a possible US POW compound. At 1500hrs Delta Company reports their location at 543822. At 1615hrs Delta Company at 554622, detained 2 men, no ID were evading taken to POW cage at LZ Bronco. At 1930hrs Delta Company location Command Post 20,30,10 Night Defense Position is at 522622 had light action and movement in and around our Night Defense Position all night. SP4 James A. Geth was released from the 85th Evac Hospital.

April 9, 1968

Echo Company is located at Nghia Hanh where Battalion Forward is located and coordinates with the Battalion Rear and S-4 section established the Rear Forward location. The 4.2 Mortar Platoon is moved to LZ Black at 568806 where they continued their direction fire support for Battalion Operations. At 1500hrs Recon Platoon OP reports their location at 614637.


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