Various Dates In November and December 1967
Our Arrival In
Viet Nam

November 1967

Charlie Company was selected by their consent high performance during Company testing and Coral Sands II. Most of the month was training and packing for their deployment on the December 3 and received our M-16 rifles.

November 28, 1967

The first part of the advance party 3 personnel leaves for Vietnam on C-130 cargo aircraft with ¾ ton truck with trailer and 1 ¼ ton with trailer.

December 1 - 6, 1967

December 1, 1967 at 1500hrs General Abrams and Major General Koster visited Duc Pho and were briefed by Colonel Ware and his staff. LTC Barker met General Abrams and attended briefing. General Abams asked LTC Barker about the status of the 11th Infantry Brigade. LTC Barker gave a brief rundown on the organization and training status to include our lack of air-mobile training. The 1st party of the Advance Cargo Party has arrived at Chu Lai and on December 1-2, 1967 at 0900hrs CPT Dallas at Chu Lai reported that 3 advance Party Cargo Aircraft have all arrived on December 2, 1967. Personnel and vehicle on these would depart 1000hrs by convoy to Duc Pho ETA 1300hrs. At 1500hrs first increment of Advance Party arrived Duc Pho consisting of CPT Shelton, CPT O’Brien, CPT Carvallio, LT Lewis and 10 EM, plus 2 ¼ ton, 1 ¾ ton and 2 21/2 ton. CPT Seketa flew to Da Nang to meet the advance party, arriving in Da Nang instead of Chu Lai, Vietnam on the 2nd December 1967. Charlie Company 1st Battalion 20th Infantry was sent with the Advance Party for Security Mission of 11 Light Infantry Brigade. At 031115 December 1967, 4 123 aircraft from DA Nang, arrived Duc Pho with LTC Beers and 146 personnel of the Advance party, this information was reported by CPT Dallas at Chu Lai. The Advance Party will move from LZ Bronco to LZ Carentan on Wednesday, 6 December 1967. Charlie Company 1-20 Infantry CPT Ernest Medina has coordinated with Commanding Officer, Calvary Troop for security of Carentan from which Rifle Company will assume responsibility Wednesday. The main body of the battalion has moved with the remainder of the Brigade by sea to Republic of Vietnam aboard the USS Gordon and USS Weigel, debarking at Qui Nhon on the 19th and 22nd. The 11 Light Infantry Brigade was made up of the 1-20 Light Infantry Battalion, 4-3 Light Infantry Battalion, 3-1 Light Infantry Battalion, 6-11 Artillery Battalion, 6 Support Battalion with the 4-21 Light Infantry Battalion still training in Hawaii and schedule to join the 11 Light Infantry Brigade around April 1968. Also with the E Troop 1 Calvary 11 Light Infantry Brigade, 11 Signal Platoon, 59 Infantry Platoon (Scout Dog), 52 Chemical Detachment and the 31 Public Information Detachment

December 6, 1967

At 2115hrs Major Davis reports that on the north side of the perimeter at 2115hrs received 2 rounds of sniper fire, investigating now. At 2200hrs still receiving sporadic sniper fire from the north, no casualties, HI fires continuing. At 2210hrs Received 4 to 5 rounds sniper rounds on the west die of perimeter, no casualties and request permission to fire at coordinates 851396, they were give OK to fire a after 5 minutes. 

December 8, 1967

Charlie Company 81 ammunition expended report, 1 WP, 15 HE and 132 Illumination rounds with 2 dud Illumination rounds. At 2045hrs Charlie Company reports lights in woods 500meters North, Northwest of position, will investigate lights in the morning, artillery called in on position. At 2200hrs 1-20 sniper between outpost at bridge and next line of outposts, 5 rounds of small arms fire received no casualties. At 2240hrs Charlie Company reports VC squad moving south near bridge report 1 VC KIA and at 2310hrs will send a platoon patrol to vicinity 090530. At 2345hrs 3rd Brigade 4th Division Radar reports indicated movement at 852364, inside no fire line, 1-20 Infantry alerted and warned and alerted.

December 9, 1967

At 0900hrs Charlie Company reports locating tunnel complex of approximate size to hold 1 squad, located at 846373, pending further information. At 1905hrs 1-20 Charlie Company reports 2 entrances to tunnel location at 846373 and 848372. Tunnel unoccupied and entrance sealed. At 1950hrs Major Davis reports tunnel is located at 846374 is 140 meters long has 5 entrances and 2 air vents will destroy when search is complete. At 1030hrs Charlie Company the Recon Patrol which went out at 0630hrs to check out for possible KIA during previous night. At 1040hrs Combat patrol located in vicinity of 845375 a bunker with lighting device nearby and a fresh empty snider hole will destroy bunker and spider hole and attempts to recover lighting device. Also report an increase in framers in the area now approximately 20. At 1050hrs Combat patrol discovered booby trap vicinity 746376, will destroy in place, 1 Officer and 43 EM on patrol. And at 1130hrs report they location at 846381. At 1202hrs Charlie located at 844379 will halt for chow. At 1335hrs Charlie Company located at 845382, approximately 50 meters long, checking it out now contained 3 boxes, of which contained paper, pencils, rulers, erasers, etc. The second box contained 6 knives. Tunnel located at 845382, approximately 50 meters long. At 1735hrs Charlie Company patrol left a stay behind ambush (10 EM) at 848378 remain until 2030hrs.

December 10, 1967

At 1355hrs 1-20 Infantry reports a patrol (2 Officers and 29 EM) moving to LZ Tripoli. At 1505hrs SGT Overcash 1-20 Infantry reports patrol discovered a bunker at 852391, approximately 10 meters long, bunker was destroyed. At 1600hrs Patrol discover grave at 854382 and it was empty. At 1730hrs 1-20 Infantry Charlie Company left a ambush at 849365 until morning and at 1930hrs to send Platoon patrol at 0800hrs from 846363 to 855358. At 2015hrs small arms fire received from 2 snipers vicinity 852368, negative casualties, small arms pass thru the 6th Support Battalion. At 2050hrs 1-20 Infantry reports lights in woods, 500 northwest of position. At 2340hrs 1-20 Infantry reports received light small arms fire, no casualties.

December 11, 1967

At 0002hrs Charlie Company observed 2 lights moving up road to southwest, engaged and lights disappeared. At 0200hrs Charlie Company lights reappeared same location, engaged with small arms fire. At 0740 ambush patrol rejoined unit, with negative contact. At 0805hrs Combat patrol is moving out and at 0905hrs Charlie Company reports their location at 853372. At 0935hrs Combat patrol occupied village vicinity 857368, reports tunnel 5 meter long vicinity village and 1 man ran from the tunnel, will destroy tunnel. At 1005hrs Charlie Company discovered tunnel containing 3 men they ran and unable to fire due to friendly troops in the area. At 1325hrs Charlie Company detained 20 suspects (female). At 1325hrs Charlie Company reports secondary explosions from small arms ammo from the burning huts vicinity 867368. At 1340hrs Charlie Company reports a number of women and children vicinity 852366 and are checking ID’s. At 1425hrs 15 VCS were released as innocent civilians by Military by Military Intelligence. At 1455hrs Charlie Company reports a VCS running away from the patrol and was CIA and evac to Military Intelligence. At 1615hrs Charlie Company will is sending out 2 ambushes at dust, to 848376 and 848373. At 1700rhs Patrol has closed on LZ Carentan.

December 12, 1967

At 0335hrs Charlie Company reports civilian music heard on Charlie Company net and at 0345rhs light and movement in house south of bunker 4 and 5.  At 0850hrs 1-20 reports 81 Ammo expended, HE 6, WP 1 and Illumination 60 rounds also Charlie Company patrol vicinity of Tripoli consists of 36 EM and 3 Officers including the Battalion Commander. At 1130hrs Charlie Company reports a tunnel at 849365 appears to be occupied, Patrol located a VC entrenching tool and heat rising from a fire. At 1135hrs 3 female VCS evac they buried by documents by them in sand, discovered and the 4 Military Intelligence was notified. At 1150hrs Charlie Company found tunnel at 849365, 15 meters long, recently occupied, destroy. At 1650hrs Patrol burned a house at grid 856380 and got 30 to 40 secondary explosives. At 1845hrs Charlie Company sent out an ambush to 844374, size was a fire team.

December 13, 1967

At 0820hrs Charlie Company ambush has closed on LZ Carentan. At 1100hrs Documents collected by Charlie Company on 12 December 1967 was forwarded to 4th Military Intelligence. At 1540hrs Charlie Company will sent out an ambush patrol at dust tonight to 844374. At 2020hrs 1-20 Infantry reports sniper fire from the west and 1 round landed in bunker 8 with no casualties.

December 14, 1967

At 0045hrs 1-20 Infantry reported 1 81mm HE mortar rounds had misfired 0040. Round removed from tube and will be disposed of in the morning. At 0720hrs Charlie Company ambush closed on LZ Carentan. At 0840hrs Sea Lift will arrive Qui Nhon 141200 December 1967. At 1115hrs Charlie Company 81 Ammo report HE 1 (DUD), WP 18, and Illumination 74 rounds. At 1935hrs Charlie Company reports 1 trip flare went off in front of bunker 6 & 7, two people were seen headed in a west. At 2005hrs 1-20 Infantry (Colonel Beers) 1st Platoon Charlie Company 5 people move into a house vicinity 852365 request to fire illumination. At 2010hrs The Bunkers in southwest sector, being fired on, moving APC down to fire on house with 50 caliber. At 2055hrs men from Bronco are firing to the southwest rounds are landing closed to our ambush location. At 2355hrs 1-20 Infantry reported bunker vicinity of bridge had observed 2 people outside perimeter at 2255hrs took under fire with negative results.

December 15, 1967

At 0400hrs 1-20 Infantry CPT Hicks reported ambush at 845375 withdrew into the perimeter due to approximately 6 squads of VC in the area. At 0550hrs clearance to fire artillery into the area into area and at 0615hrs Major Davis reported that artillery had ceased firing. Patrol will be dispatched at first light. At 0710hrs Charlie Company ammo expended last night HE 11, WP 16 and Illumination 231 rounds.

December 16, 1967

At 0825hrs Charlie Company 81 ammo expend HE 11, WP 21, Illumination 65 rounds. At 1605hrs Charlie Company will have 1 ambush out tonight at 848382.

December 18, 1967

At 2150hrs Advised Division TOC 34 vehicle closed on LZ Carentan 181330 December, include 23 organic vehicles, 6 S&T, 5 21/2 ton vehicles plus the 23 organic vehicles which come in 17 December will depart Bronco for Qui Nhon on 19 December 1967 when road is open.

December 19, 1967

At 0725hrs Charlie Company 81mm report ammo expended HE 0, WP 4, Illumination 110 rounds. At 2150hrs Advised Division TOC 34 vehicle closed on LZ Carentan 181330 December, include 23 organic vehicles, 6 S&T, 5 21/2 ton vehicles plus the 23 organic vehicles which come in 17 December will depart Bronco for Qui Nhon on 19 December 1967 when road is open.

December 20, 1967 

At 0230hrs 1-20 Infantry At 1300hrs Colonel Henderson advised that 300 personnel would a traveled by convoy on Highway 1 to LZ Carentan, 65 miles north just to the east of LZ Bronco (78 Cargo Trucks, 54 personnel trucks and 48 organic vehicles). At 1600hrs CPT Clark from 11th Light Infantry Brigade called from Division Artillery that 256 Vehicle convoy closed on LZ Carentan. At 1800hrs 1-20 Infantry reports all personnel present or accounted for. At 2120hrs reports 2 vehicles on beach road coming from LZ Bronco, where tank and APC making road check.

December 21, 1967

At 1700hrs Division called in regards Emergence Leave for PFC Angel L. Soto, 1-20 Infantry departed 1700hrs. Also on 21 December 141 vehicles plus escort will return convoy to Qui Nhon to bring the 11th Light Infantry heavy equipment that was being unloaded. At 2010hrs Convoy arrived at 1400hrs, 185 vehicles, 8 cargo 177 organic and 2 ¼ ton that had to be towed for 1 kilometer south of LZ Bronco to LZ Carentan.  At 2050hrs Charlie Company will move from base to vicinity 862374, block and sweep village vicinity 854367 from northwest to east with 3 platoon at 0230hrs, may link up with the PF at daybreak will advise. At 2130hrs 1-20 Infantry reports movement vicinity hill 70, will investigate in morning. At 2322hrs 1-20 Infantry observed sampan vicinity 866386, contacted 6-11 Artillery who dispatched swift boat to check.

December 22, 1967 

Training began for the Brigade until January 2, 1968. At 0510hrs 1-20 Infantry CPT Hicks, Platoon in blocking position heard an individual and halted it. Then person started to evade results 1 girl KIA looks to be 17-18 years old. Where she stopped the 1st time was a basket with medical supplies, ID papers and 1 hand grenade. At 0850hrs 1-20 Infantry reports capture of 1 male suspect, hiding in vicinity village 868362, being evac to Beach Road for pick up. At 1125hrs CPT Dallas reported that convoy is on the way. At 1845hrs CPT Dallas have cargo at Charlie Brown, port full some broke open requested to secure, need 5 2 ½ ton and 2 Low boys at Qui Nhon to transport remaining cargo, large convoy coming on 23 December 1969. At 1930hrs Vehicle attempted to go to LZ Bronco, detained at bridge until road opened.

December 23, 1967

0820hrs Charlie Company 81 ammo report rounds expended HE 17 and illumination 53 rounds.

December 24, 1967

At 0835hrs 1-20 Infantry ammo expend 81, mortar HE 17, Illumination 190 rounds. At 1045hrs Convoy consisting of Administration and the 415 ASA departed for Chu Lai at 1025hrs. 

December 25, 1967

At 1500hrs Alpha Company has a 60mm dud in the Alpha Company area with need EOD.

December 27, 1967

At 2110hrs Bravo Company 2 platoon patrol to sweep from 1-20 Infantry flank to Tripoli at 1200hrs and 1 platoon to say behind 846383 to 300700. Bravo 1-20 Infantry 1 platoon will return prior to darkness.

December 28, 1967

Charlie Company 81 Ammo expended HE 3 rounds.

December 29, 1967

At 1215hrs 1-20 Infantry wants a Area of Operation extension from gird lines 74-78 east to west and 34-40 North to south for a Combat Assault on December 31, 1967. At 1345hrs Charlie Company reports touchdown of Charlie Company 1st element, LZ Cold and at 1400hrs Charlie Company 2nd element LZ Cold, but contact possible.

December 30, 1967

At 0845hrs Alpha Company Combat Assault 1st Lift to 745392 and 2nd lift to 745392.

December 31, 1967 

At 0848hrs 1-20 Infantry reports 1st element Alpha Company LZ time 0846hrs LZ cold and 2nd lift at 0859hrs 100%. At 1059hrs 1-20 Infantry reports the 1st extraction 50% Alpha Company at 1051hrs and 2nd extraction at 1105hrs. At 1-20 Infantry Bravo Company 1st lift 1120hrs and 2nd Lift PZ 1135hrs and was extracted at 1220hrs. At 1330hrs Charlie Company 1st LZ at 1332hrs LZ cold and second lift at 1344hrs. At 1417hrs Delta Company 1st element LZ 1416hrs. Charlie Company was extracted at 1458 and 1511hrs. Delta Company is extracted at 1535hrs due to the weather. At 2045hrs 1-20 Infantry reports Radar section picked up movement at 84663824, was reported by SGT West. Combat Assault training is completed and January 1, 1968 Battalion will prepare to join the Americal in Combat Operation in the Duc Pho Area of Operation.

January 1, 1968

Charlie Company has the Security Mission for LZ Carentan.


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